What Gears of War Means to Me

Poli games host Joseph, talks about Gears of War 4's newest trailer. The Gears of War 4 beta drops on April 18th for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition owners, April 25th for Gold members, and will end on May 3rd. A possibility of the game heading to PC. Joseph also reminisces about what makes Gears of War so special. Games that define point in our lives.

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Poli_Games978d ago

How do you all feel about Gears of War 4 so far? What are some games that you just can't live with out.

gangsta_red978d ago

Looks good so far. I'm really hoping for some horde mode since that is some of the best multiplayer action I have had in my gaming life.

Glad to see it coming back and supposedly returning to it's horror roots.

tuglu_pati978d ago (Edited 978d ago )

I think last release was really weak. They need to go back to what made the franchise good in the first place. Make it a horror/ action game again and less hollywood.

Poli_Games978d ago

Totally agree with you. Gears of War Judgement was made by People can Fly. I dont think theyre around any longer because of how bad that game was. Im happy to see what Coalition is doing so far!

crazychris4124978d ago

Looks good on paper so far. Back to roots, split screen, crazy weather, improved gameplay and more. Now we have to see if the Coalition pulled it off. Were getting gameplay this week and the beta starts next Monday so we will find out soon enough. I hope they do because Im looking for a new Gears experience. Played 3 last month after not touching it for years and it was like I never left.

Garethvk978d ago

Game looks good but series never really fully grabbed me.

978d ago
MeteorPanda978d ago

what l love this game has all men and it's perfectly fine, ff15 does it and theres been news coverage and crappy gamers boycotting cause of it XD

Love gears, excited for this

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spicelicka978d ago

I have very similar memories! Playing co-op with my cousin, talking smack online, it was one of the first hardcore multiplayer titles of last gen.

The sense of dread and tension as you're the last guy on your team, everyone can see you from the sidelines but they can't communicate, and there's also one guy left on the other team. Then pulling off a sniper headshot as he tries to roll away and his body rolls without a head, the round ends and everybody screams at the badassery. It was epic.

Poli_Games978d ago

It's awesome to see someone who shares the feels. Man the way you described everything is how i feel about this game in a nutshell. Awesome comment man, i hope you sub because, what you just said is fucking poetic, and i want to see more of it :D

spicelicka978d ago

Haha thanks man, will subscribe.

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