10 Questions And Answers About The Final Fantasy VII Remake

Game Informer has published a short interview with Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase, who discusses the game in a broad sense, describing its scale, potential changes, and more.

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PhoenixUp979d ago

I have a question, is FFVIIR being developed by the FFXIII team? I ask because I know FFXV is being developed by the KH1/KH2 team with some help from the Type-0 team and Avalanche. Idk what the FFXIII team would be doing after releasing Lightning Returns, so I'd assume they started work on either FFVIIR or even FFXVI secretly behind doors afterwards.

MeteorPanda979d ago

you didnt read it did you?

I, along with Nomura-san and [Kazushige] Nojima-san – who are involved with the remake – were involved with the original Final Fantasy VII.

this has been known for a while now

PhoenixUp979d ago

I already know who the top executives working on FFVIIR are.

I asking if the bulk of the FFXIII team went to work on this game.

gangsta_red979d ago

I really hope they have a chance to smooth out the story and make it more coherent.

Not mad at the action based combat, I just hope they have materia and you are able to customize your weapons like 7.

People wanted a remake of 7, now their getting a bunch of "installments"...hop e they turn out great.

kowan979d ago

It says they will including important and famous characters (and of course with them comes their stories) in the whole ff7 compilation. Adding those would immediately make a game bigger than the original ff7 ps1 game so these "installments" are justified. I just hope they cut them really well between each game.

gangsta_red979d ago

I wouldn't jump the gun and say "justified" just yet. I'm sure it's more along the lines of Square milking everyone's nostalgia boob and trying to get as much money as they can out of the name FF7.

If done right, more power to them. But if it just feels like some long, drawn out anime filler episode then shame on them.

KentBenMei979d ago

The action combat is the main problem. The materia added a strategy element, which is gone when you're just mashing buttons.

Anyway, since I'm replying to you here anyway, here's my response to something from a different topic:

"Exactly what would a M-rated Metroid, FIre Emblem and a teen rated Golden Sun...and F-Zero(???) even bring in terms of gameplay and design that hasn't already been established with these great games?

Nintendo doesn't need to market to "you". They are marketing to everyone by making games that can be enjoyed for having excllent gameplay, design and most importantly fun. Having Samus, cussing, boobs hanging out and bouncing and blowing heads off shoulders isn't going to make Metroid any better than it should be.

"...many of us greatly if Nintendo would simply market to us at the very least so we don't seem like a bunch of weirdos playing with toys,"

You're already playing games where you beat up hookers, drive huge robots, play as a fox creature with a robot sidekick and chainsaw alien creatures in half...and you're worried about feeling like a weirdo? Maybe the problem is you and your inability to enjoy anything that doesn't have bouncing mature boobs.

Maybe if you explained exactly what type of "mature" themes you are looking for from Nintendo and why is it so important to you that they include them in their already critically praised games.

"You know I'm right, and this isn't about me being right, if we drop egos we can really agree on this"

Wow...self declared I'm right and you're wrong. Can't argue with that."

You have no idea what "Mature" means. It doesn't just mean boobs flopping around. What's wrong with you? Games like Fire Emblem would benefit greatly from no longer being held back by E or T ratings. They are about wars and death more recently, sex, and there's just no reason it should ever have been an E or T rated series as a drama with those elements. Sorry, it's a fact. They can elaborate on those elements in the stories, they can show blood instead of just a character fading into nothing, and Nintendo wouldn't have to censor the damn games like they do.

If you deny that some of Nintendo's franchises could work with more mature ratings then you're just blind.

And yes, I am self-declared right, and there is no arguing with that. I know for a fact that I am. Go off and believe that Nintendo censoring Fire Emblem instead of simply raising the rating from T to M is a good solution. LOL.

gangsta_red979d ago

"The action combat is the main problem. The materia added a strategy element, which is gone when you're just mashing buttons."

I don't think it'll add any problem. You are still customizing your character's weapon just like you did in the original. The strategy is still present, if they decide to go that route.

indysurfn979d ago

WELL Said KENTBENTME. Square =refuses since FF9 to make a game like one through nine on traditional consoles. And they up till now have not gottten sales like 1-9 either. I guess they are determined to force everyone to go turn based(forgetting that other companies exist and have taken their turn based lunch money).

If anyone here have not played THE LEGEND OF HEROS TRAILS OF COLD STEEL on the PS3 (released this year)
Your missing it!

Braverly default is the new final fantasy but it is only on hand held.

AndrewLB979d ago


I agree. Falcom games, particularly the Legend of Heroes series absolutely wipes the floor with even the best final fantasy games. Better character development, deeper story and lore, and of course, FAR better music.

Adrian_v01979d ago

Could you stop going off-topic and replying to comments on other articles? This article is about Final Fantasy VII: REMAKE, not about Nintendo and the maturity of their games.

Learn how to have a proper discussion and be respectful, then you'll have enough bubbles and won't have to scavenge your unused bubbles from other articles.

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Simco876979d ago

Not really excited since they made it installments. You can't tell the whole story? You made 13 other stories that you seemed to have no problem with.

Some of those were on cartridge based devices.

Lord_Sloth979d ago

Lower tech games had more room for story length because it isn't like they were eating up all that space with their textures.

martinnatalex979d ago (Edited 979d ago )

I think my biggest question is whether or not the politics are all still there. Cloud was never into politics, but now he's kinda put down AVALANCHE in the new trailer, which has all new lines.

It's very possible that Nomura would dumb this down for a kiddie audience, as the politics are kinda hyperbolic, but I'm just not hoping so. Politics shouldn't be dumbed down, infact would be the best place to expand on, with backstory on Biggs, Wedge, Jessie, and even Tifa managing AVALANCHE.

So far, the new trailer has kinda dampened hopes a little bit, but I understand this still has plenty of time to go both ways. I can kinda see Nomura dumbing down politics for a kiddie audience though, because he did do KH, and decided replacing politics with guys in tight leather suits in Advent Children was a good idea.

Politics were a huge driving force behind FFVII's story. I mean, you are ecology supporting terrorists. Holy fucking shit. If done right they can make Sephy's story tied more into Shinra's politics too. But I see Nomura taking the anime-story route and making it all about JENOVA.

_-EDMIX-_979d ago

" Cloud was never into politics, but now he's kinda put down AVALANCHE in the new trailer" ?

Thats pretty false bud.

martinnatalex979d ago (Edited 979d ago )

Well I kinda interpreted it as so. The trailer had all new lines and 100% of Cloud's lines seemed like they were putting down AVALANCHE's politics. The lines were pretty direct: "I don't care about your politics", and "Not interested" when talking to Wedge about AVALANCHE's politics. Seems like Nomura might be trying to weaken the game's politics for a kiddie audience.

We'll see in the next few trailers. Hoping there's another at e3.

Exvalos979d ago

Did that guy play the game, Clouds attitude at first was I don't care about this cause he just wanted to.finish the job and be on his way.

martinnatalex979d ago (Edited 979d ago )

There's a difference between saying "I'm just here for the job" and saying "I don't care about your politics".

Both are just there for being a mercenary, however the other line could be seen as joking their politics at the same time. I just don't want to hear Cloud complain about politics the entire time. The other lines like "I don't care, I just want to finish this job before the robogaurds get here", and "I'm just here for the job" are fine. But also putting down the politics would be kind of annoying, and it would be obvious why Nomura may want to do that. To take off the political edge for maximum audience. If so, I'd disagree.

Like I said though, there's plenty of time for things to go both ways. My guess is that Nomura will have Cloud say something apolitical when it gets to the more gritty political moments, like on the bombing mission, and will expand on Biggs, Wedge, Jessie, and Tifa, in the more lighthearted moments. Just gonna have to see how things turn out.

indysurfn979d ago

Cloud was cast as a cold hearted mercenary that only cared about getting paid. And in fact during dialog worked for who ever hired him. He cared at the end but that is is characterization.

_-EDMIX-_979d ago

@Martin- "Cloud's lines seemed like they were putting down AVALANCHE's politics. The lines were pretty direct: "I don't care about your politics"

Maybe he means politics in general. Also he states "he isn't interested" which could mean he doesn't care either way and isn't taking sides.

Consider he is a mercenary in the first place, a hired gun, only cares about getting paid. That doesn't mean "Nomura might be trying to weaken the game's politics for a kiddie audience" it merely means his character right now in the game doesn't care, clearly later on he does consider how the story ends.

"To take off the political edge for maximum audience" ??? Buddy, the fact that he is stated HE doesn't care about their politics, is very much saying that it plays a role in the game.

If he wanted to tone it down or even remove it...why not just have him say nothing at all?

I think you are confusing how the want Cloud to be in the beginning of the game, for the entire concept of the story.

@Exvalos- Agreed. His attitude in the beginning of the game was that of a mercenary, he clearly starts to care about the cause during the course of the game. I just can't say he was "never into politics" as that is incorrect.

@indysurfn - Agreed. Cloud gets that way through the course of the game, but in the beginning he doesn't care.

I can't say he was "never into politics" as clearly he picks a side in the end.

martinnatalex979d ago (Edited 979d ago )

Good points all around. Like I said it's just a question up in the air and there's plenty of time for things to change and new lines I'm sure. I'm just hoping Cloud doesn't go out of his way to put down AVALANCHE, which could get pretty obvious and annoying. It seems it could go both ways pretty much at this point, and TBH, I think a little of both will happen. Like I said, Cloud will probably say something apolitical when it gets to the gritty eco-terrorist parts, and then they'll probably expand on AVALANCHE's Biggs, Wedge, Jessie, Tifa, and Barret in the more lighthearted parts. Perfect area of the story to expand. I'm just hoping it's all balanced when said and done.

I'm probably reading into it a bit much though lol.

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ninsigma979d ago

They may have changed or added lines but the new lines and attitude conveys exactly the same thing as the original and it shows me they are keeping very close to the original story so far. If they were "weakening" the politics in the game, they wouldn't have mentioned them at all and that line wouldn't exist. The line actually better represents the mercenary character cloud is supposed to be at the beginning. Maybe it's just the addition of voice acting but the new lines make him sound more brutal than the original line did.

martinnatalex979d ago (Edited 979d ago )

Hoping that's the case which is a huge possibility also. It's just tough to gauge Nomura because he drops hardly any information. Some have interpreted it as sort of a meta-message, while other's are afraid that it's political edge is weakened for maximum audience. It could actually be both though. Politics might be bigger, and smaller at the same time, depending on where they're at- for instance- the bombing mission is a gritty eco-terrorist moment, and Cloud said something new and apolitical, however they'll probably expand on Biggs, Wedge, Jessie, Tifa, and Barret in AVALANCHE also.

As long as they don't fuck up Jessie's dialogue, Barret's dialogue, and Cloud isn't putting down AVALANCHE directly every 5 seconds, I think it'll work out. The original lines just sort of established him as a mercenary first and foremost. The new lines are doing the same, while also putting down AVALANCHE somewhat, which is new, and unneeded.

Example of old lines:
"I don't care, I just want to finish this job before the Roboguards get here"
"I'm just here for the job"
"Not my problem" in response to Barret

Example of new lines:
"I don't care about your politics"
"Not interested", his catchphrase, might I add, in response to Wedge.

It seems like the new lines are putting down AVALANCHE more than the old ones. The old ones just established him as a mercenary. The new ones are putting down AVALANCHE's politics directly.

It's just so tough to see what Nomura is EVER trying to do until release though, as so little info will be known. For what we do know, I'd rather see more of the old lines than the new ones though. There's still a ton left up in the air, which is why I just said it was just a question. Hopefully you're right and there's nothing to worry about.

ninsigma979d ago

Well the problem I have when reading their interviews is that English isn't their first language so what they say might not exactly be what they meant. Lost in translation so to speak.

Butters360979d ago

Reading this interview just made me even more stoked. I freaked out at the theater and PSX when they revealed it.

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