Kotaku: Legendary Hands-On - Epic Moments

Kotaku's first real "wow" moment at the Games Convention in Leipzig came when a griffin threw a taxi at them. Mind you it could have been a roc – They are not exactly up to date on my mythical birds, but whatever it was it was impressive. It was exactly the sort of epic moment you'd expect from a game called Legendary, and after playing through a good 15 minutes of the beginning of the PC version they can see why they decided to remove "The Box" from the title. The box is nice and all, but what comes out of it is much more impressive.

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RadientFlux3711d ago

Nice positive preview, there might be hope for this game yet. Hopefully this title turns out better than "Turning Point"

InMyOpinion3711d ago

Is this being produced by Gamec0ck?