Radeon HD 4600 cards pictured, benchmarked

The Tech Report Writes:

"Starting with the benchmarks, VR-Zone claims 3DMark Vantage scores for the Radeon HD 4650 and 4670 lie in the P2100 and P3500 ranges, respectively. For reference, the site quotes scores of around P1900 for Nvidia's GeForce 9500 GT, and around P3200 for Radeon HD 3850 models with DDR2 memory.

Hardware-Info's photos show not just the 4650 and 4670, but also a RV710-based Radeon HD 4450 with a passive cooler. The former two look a little more interesting, though: the 4670 boasts a fairly meaty cooler (at least, as far as low-end GPU fans and heatsinks go) as well as connectors for CrossFire X multi-GPU operation. Meanwhile, the 4650 has a low-profile design and a teeny heatsink, but it's still actively cooled."

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