Kotaku: Wipeout HD 1 Year Anniversary Impressions

It's been a year since Kotaku first went hands on with Wipeout HD, the (eventual) PlayStation Network release that acts as a sort of remastered greatest hits comp from the series' past decade. The SCEE developed racer may have looked pretty sharp the last time they saw it, but it looks light years beyond that now.

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dro3737d ago

is it just me or is kotaku starting to change there bias way,they have been writing good none bias previews for ps3 games lately;that is something u will never tought u will see till hell freezes over!!!

DavidMacDougall3737d ago

They have seen the turning of the tide ?

Bordel_19003737d ago

Wipeout HD sounds awesome, can't wait.

pwnsause3737d ago

Wipeout HD is going to get people stoned, and you know what i mean by "stoned" lol

MaximusPrime3735d ago

wipeout is truly a king of Futuristic racers. This will totally kick Xbox 360's Fatal Inertia's a**. (i know it is not exclusive but i still considered it to be xbox360's)