Game Piracy, is it sending the industry broke.

XboxOZ360 reports:

"Now 5 major publishing houses - which consist of Atari, Codemasters, Topware Interactive, Reality Pump, and Techland intend to serve notices on 2500 accused pirates. The Publishers have banded together and enrolled the talents of major Commercial Law firm Davenport Lyons to represent them in filing charges against the suspected 2500 people who have been found to have either downloaded or distributed illegal copies of video games published by their respective companies.

The accused will be given a chance to opt for an out-of-court settlement fee of $US563 or alternatively, be taken to the courts and face much higher chargers if found guilty, and they will be found guilty, there is no way around that. The firm does plan on following through with at least 500 of those 2500 cases."

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XboxOZ3603764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

To TheHater, try reading the article, it's about piracy per-se' and covers ALL many of platforms, it's NOT a " nah nah . . . my platform is better than yours thing". It's about Video Game Piracy . . clown.

Piracy costs us ALL every year, and anyone that supports it is basically stealing not only from the publishers, but they are denying the developers their rightful dues and also stealing from your future in gaming.

It therefore covers EVERY platform, From PC, 360, PS3, right through to DS and Dreamcast.

TheHater3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Where did I state that one console was better than the other? Tell me if you can pirate games on the ps3 at the moment. YOU can't. So why should an article about piracy concern the ps3 if you can pirate games on that machine?

Edit: you forgot to add the psp and ds to the channel consider you can pirate games on those handhelds.

Bucky Sligo3764d ago

Game piracy influences the whole industry, not just specific platforms.

Bubble Buddy3764d ago

For movie companies and actors, they already make way too much money in my opinion.

Scarfy3764d ago

Bubble Buddy - Yep, that's right. Because the music and movie industry is JUST actors and musicians, no one else. Nope, not camera and sound crew, not engineers, secretaries, administrators, caterers, security personnel, cleaners, researchers, agents, costume designers, set designers, [paint] artists, mechanical / software technicians, stylists, editors, accountants, medical teams, stunt men, conductors...

Nope, you're right. You're only affecting those overpaid actors...

joemayo763764d ago


Yea ur right there is so much more to the music, movie, and hell even video game industries.

But don't you find it funny when these huge organizations begin to lose money they make cuts from the REAL workers, the ones that DON'T make millions. AND they exploit these people by telling the public that they're losing their jobs, as true as that may be, i don't think the problem is piracy, but a broken wage system (yes this applies to videogame companies too). How can they be so quick to cut these peoples salaries yet continue to offer millions to the most "important" people in these productions. In the games industry the devs get minimal salaries compared to that of the company marketers, and those who sign on the dotted line THAT is the problem that FAR outweighs the issues of piracy. bubbles to continue the convo :)

CrazzyMan3763d ago

that`s how much video games cost in many poor countries in terms of value.

or that`s mean poor people should NEVER enjoy HD gaming?

Make games AFFORDABLE to everyone!
If game is GOOD, it will sell a lot, if it`s not, then it won`t. STOP making money on LOW quality products.

p.s. MANY games are released in different countries after 2-3 months since they are released in NA. RESPECT your customers, if you want them to buy your product!

Scarfy3763d ago

"How can they be so quick to cut these peoples salaries yet continue to offer millions to the most "important" people in these productions."

Because, sadly, those people COST money, whilst the bands and the actors are the ones bringing it in. It's the whole eliminate-one-olive thing.

"In the games industry the devs get minimal salaries compared to that of the company marketers, and those who sign on the dotted line THAT is the problem that FAR outweighs the issues of piracy."

Agreed, and that's why I don't work in the VG industry. A programmer at a bank earns 1.5x to 2x that of a VG programmer... :(

As far as piracy is concerned - I see subscription models starting to be introduced in the next few years...

bpac1234567893763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

they said the same thing for people who download music and videos. But in reality this is all just an attempt to set an example. the cost of taking all these people to court will be more than what they squeeze out of them on a guilty verdict. But people arn't going to stop, sure a few will get scared but most people are going to continue downloading games and there going to continue downloading music, its just the way it is.

ON A SIDE NOTE: ive never downloaded a game (unless you count a couple of n64 roms, but thats another story), it just seemed like too much trouble and i heard it takes forever. id rather just go to the store and pick it up. if its a good enough game to wait 2 days to download, create an iso, and burn it to a disk than its good enough to buy. plus i have a ps3 now so there's probably no way i will ever pirate a game.

f7897903763d ago

Especially for games like Final Fantasy VII which go for $65 used. Woah!

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XboxOZ3603764d ago

Irrespective of what platform it is, it's aimed at all, because piracy affects all platforms, in one way, or another, as it relates to the Publishers who make games for ALL platforms.

That's what I mean. So removing PS3 seems somewhat silly, it's like saying, oh, that's okay, it doesn't both the PS3, of course it does.

TheHater3764d ago

yes, I understand that this affect game developers that work on the ps3 also. But why should an article about piracy be in the ps3 channel? At the moment, there isn't any way to pirate ps3 game. If it was possible to pirate ps3 games, then we wouldn't be having this discussion.

XboxOZ3603764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

You're not getting it, Piracy covers ALL platforms, one could say the same for Xbox360 games, but the thing is that the whole thing is about piracy, and every channel is considered "at risk" whether that be now, next month or next year.

That's about as bad as sticking your head in the sand and going "nah nah nah doodod dah - I can't hear you"

Oh, and btw TheHater, you need to read your own words. In the report you said . . "Take out the PS3. You can pirate games on the PS3 as of now " . .

You forgot the NOT "You can NOT pirate games on the ps3" . . hello . .

TheHater3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

actually you can pirate games on the xbox 360
that why I am not making the same argument for the xbox 360

Ok, this is the way I am viewing this article, and arguing that it have nothing to do with the ps3. Lets say I post a article that stated Gears of War 2 sold 10 million copy, and Epic Games made $400 million profit from it. I posted this article in all the channel, when Gears of War 2 is only on the xbox 360. But the profit the made will help fund their other projects for the xbox 360 and other consoles and PC. That the was I am viewing this article.

Edit: This article came from your website and you wrote an article about piracy. But yet you didn't so you research about piracy on Consoles. If you did, then you would have know that you can mod, and pirate games on the xbox 360.
And Yes, I know I wrote you can pirate games on the ps3 as of now, it was a mental mistake on my part, so thanks for pointing that out for me. But if the day ever some when you can, then you can write all the piracy article about the ps3 you want. I will not have a problem with it, because it will be true.

Immortal Kaim3764d ago

It's certainly a contentious subject. Piracy (throughout any industry) is certainly a problem, call me naive but is the problem really rampant in games industry? I didn't know it was getting so bad?

XboxOZ3603764d ago

check the story out and even on just that one item dealing with Assassin's Creed. 40,000 games sold the month it was released verses, 700,000 downloads within the first week of it being 'leaked' on the net.

That's just one game. Many games get pirated and released on the net prior to their retail release, costing the developer heaps, not only in sales, but in huge loses due to the PR and Marketing being blown away due to huge numbers already having the game.

Immortal Kaim3764d ago

WOW, that is absolutely disgraceful. After spending millions of dollars on a title it would be heartbreaking to see it out there for free because of piracy.

I think the MS 360 initiative to ban people from Live might not be enough to stop this kind of thing.

PopEmUp3764d ago

there nothing we can do but just to find a cure to this threat which is still be better than nothing

f7897903763d ago

I already had it for the ps3 and just wanted to see how my pc ran it. Plus I wanted to piss off my ISP by sucking up useless bandwidth.

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GrathiusXR3764d ago

No matter how hard a developer tries to cut down on Piracy some how peoepl always find a way around the system and pirate hundreds of games regardless of platform..

Just look even though Steam is truly good and well many have been able to play Half Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2 and Portal by downloading the torrent and wala!...

Non need to pay for it on Steam just download unpack and play..

One day Piracy will be stopped but who knows when that will be at least this is a step in the right direction

TheHater3764d ago

That why you don't see a lot of games on the psp by developers. It is so easy to pirate games for that handheld. Also the PC is a nightmare when it comes to PC gaming.

f7897903763d ago

Well I know what I'm doing for Episode 3. I will buy the game and never open it so I can sell it later while playing a pirated version.

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