Paramount Exec: Retailers Looking For Licenses, Not Original IP

"If you don't think you can do a good job on a [licensed] project, walk away," says Jos Ruffell of independent developer Sidhe Interactive, which recently shipped the game adaptation of the Wachowskis' Speed Racer film. "You don't want to be known as the developer that screwed up Star Wars. ...As a developer, you're only as good as your last project."

"I think we're entering into an interesting time when it is possible for a meaningful interaction between filmmakers and game makers," he says. "Nowadays filmmakers and game developers are using Maya and motion capture, so there's a real potential for this kind of stuff to be shared. I think they can add to each other."

Ruffell's comments came during a GC Developers Conference panel that joined together two developers with a publisher and a film studio exec to discuss the ins and outs of developing licensed games.

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