Retro Review: The Death And Return Of Superman

Hey Poor Player's Mike Vito writes - "I was what you would call a comic book “fan” when I was a kid. I didn’t collect any particular publisher or story arc, but I would simply take a look at what was on the shelf and just pick up whichever cover had the best artwork. In 1992, I believe almost every one of my friends became a comic book fan for at least one month, and it was all because Superman, the icon, who had helped create the super hero genre, died."

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derkasan771d ago

Surprised it doesn't have co-op. It'd be the perfect opportunity to get Batman in there.

EvilAsh771d ago

At least have two of the Supermen fighting together.

EvilAsh771d ago

I remember everyone picking up the comic thinking it may be worth something some day.

franwex771d ago

I remember trying to rent this game, but it was never there! The box looked cool.