Crysis Warhead: 4 gigabyte RAM required?

PCGH played Crysis Warhead at the Games Convention. The prerelease version required up to 2190 megabyte RAM for the game alone.

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jcfilth3767d ago

PC gaming is too expensive :(

Snoozer2823767d ago

It's 60 quid for very good ram, 4 gigs as well. I'd hardly call that expensive. Doesn't equal 600 quid for a 32 inch TV to experience console gaming as it should...

El_Colombiano3767d ago

@ Snoozer

Bubbles for not being an incompetent console fanboy.

Fowack3767d ago

Holy crap. I am really sad, my PC won't run it and i don't care if it ever does.

El_Colombiano3767d ago

Please, if anybody actually believes that Crysis will REQUIRE 4GB to run you obviously have never used a computer to play games on PC. 2GB is more than enough for the original Crysis, this game runs on the same engine but optimized, so if anything the game will require less.

f7897903767d ago

I can see you needing 4GB for the level editor though. Editing levels with 2GB in Crysis requires you to watch the amount of RAM used or end up crashing the program.

AuToFiRE3766d ago

True, 2gigs is more than enough... except for vista

TheColbertinator3767d ago

Good thing my Dreamcast 2 can handle it

STEVIE_3767d ago

There is something wrong with you.

Rich16313767d ago

Okay seriously...that is just poor engine optimization.

TheIneffableBob3766d ago

Yup, it is.

"Since the version was a prerelease one, it could be that Crytek did not optimize it yet."

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The story is too old to be commented.