NVISION: Larrabee "like a GPU from 2006"

Nvidia has delivered a scathing criticism of Intel's Larrabee, dismissing the multi-core CPU/GPU as wishful thinking - while admitting it needs to catch up with AMD's current Radeon graphics cards.

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FantasyStar3739d ago

And the FUD begins. I'm not surprised Nvidia is scared of Intel at this moment. However history has sided with Nvidia.

Leathersoup3739d ago

Wow, Nvidia must really be in trouble. They've been slinging dirt left right and center lately.

likeaboss3023739d ago

Heck an onboard Intel GPU with 2006 NVIDIA/ATI power would be an upgrade to the current crap they push out.

Revvin3739d ago

If Intel is serious about getting into the GPU market nVidia and ATi/AMD should be worried.

mbmonk3739d ago

I think the one company that might fair the best in the long run is AMD/ATI. They have experience on both sides of this equation. Intel will make a mistake or two because they are still learning how build GPU's. And Nvidia is trying to build CPU like devices. AMD/ATI has knowledge of both things in house. But that is a really simplistic view. I am sure there are about a million things I haven't accounted for.

DevastationEve3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

AMD/ATi has succesfuly launched three products that have become the three most critical aspects of the system building process: the motherboard, the central processor, and the graphics processor. AMD 790fx/Radeon hd3870x2 (or hd4850)/Phenom x4 9850 can be had for a SWEET price. You'll get a 2.5 ghz quad core that can be overclocked pretty decent, a gpu that will either have 800 stream processors (4850) or have dual gpus (anythingx2), and a ddr21066 mobo that'll be certified for up to quad crossfire when you later on buy another gpu. sure, it's not ddr3 but it'll get you the performance you'll need for games in the coming 2-4years, as long as you grab another gpu (or 3) later on.

centrum2k3739d ago

for some reason, i alway see intel w/nvidia and amd w/ati even b4 they have combined. i yet to try amd as in cpu, but i dont see it any time soon.

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