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dBTechno Writes:

"The way the story of Too Human is presented of very high-quality, as you will experience many flashbacks, among other things that allow you to experience the entire thing, without ever feeling like you are just watching the movie."

"Too Human is a very enjoyable experience, and one which action-RPG fans should surely check out on the Xbox 360. It is not perfect, as there are clear issues with the difficulty of the game, the camera, and a few other things. Overall though, this is an enjoyable game which is worth checking out, especially if you love to loot!"

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Firstkn1ghT3736d ago

Another good review for Too Human. Not great or fantastic or a flop....just a good game. Seems like the ones that gave it bad scores couldn't get the hang of the camera. This game is different from the norm and shouldn't be penalize for it. The cam works perfectly if you master it. The only complaint I have on the game is the death scenes, other than that it's a must buy. At least for me it is.

Chris Hansen3736d ago

Why should anyone have to master the camera to get it to work?

InMyOpinion3736d ago

Anything works perfectly if you master it. It should work perfectly without having to master it. The camera is not good but also not bad enough to ruin the gameplay. My biggest gripe with the game is that the combat lacks strategic elements. Sure you can use the dodge button to some extent but most of the time you just slug away until you're out of energy, watch the horrendous angel cut-scene and repeat. I miss blocking, counter attacks etc.

Also, what's the point of levelling up in such a linear game? If you die in a boss battle you don't have to restart, you just go at him til he's done. It's not like in other rpgs where a low level will prevent you from venturing further into the game.

I loved the demo but was really disappointed with the full version.

vasilisk3736d ago

Dude it's at 68 at metacritic. It's not "solid" as you say and it's not even a good one. Awarding 7 and below for a game it's just plain mediocre. You know there's a level between very good (around 9), plain good (8), below mediocre (6) and bad (around 5) and that's where too human is and where it belongs (around 7). And just to give you perspective even Nascar 09 got a 69 and Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit got a 72. Talking about mediocre games...

The Power of Red3736d ago

You either hate it or really really hate it.

Bubble Buddy3735d ago

So Ratchet and Too Human are the same ahahahahaha, funny.

deeznuts3735d ago

What? Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction got 89 at meta.

You shouldn't have to master the camera, but it's ok. I have a very short fuse for games, as my life doesn't allow me to play mediocre games (no time) and I rent my games so I have no attachment to them. Too Human is ok. Not stellar, but enough to keep me playing. and I've returned some doozies without finishing them.

it isn't great by any means, but enough to hold me over for a week or so.

Firstkn1ghT3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Metacritic has 1up's review at 42% But they gave Too Human a C-. That should equal a 70%. So in reality Too Human is averaging 72% overall. Like I said this game is far from the norm. The camera is just something that we're not used to but after awhile you get the hang of it and it works. I'm killing enemies and working the camera flawlessly. But just like you said, some people just have short fuses.

Deeznuts, He's talking about Quest for Booty that is averaging 72%.

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jojo3193735d ago

I've been playing it for a few days now. I actually have zero problems with the camera, and personally I think it looks fantastic. However, the fact that the enemies level up as you do, really hurts this game badly. What's the point of such a high level of customization if it doesn't help you?? That being said, I think if it would have not had sooooo much hype, it would be getting slightly better reviews. Just my opinion though.

RadientFlux3735d ago

I'm about 5 hours in to Too Human and definitly feel that it is a under appreciated gem.

THAMMER13735d ago

I still love the game. 8.5 in my book. I guess it is time for a user review.

Dark Collosis3735d ago

And i must say i look forward to playing it a lot more.. Sure there are some things that could be changed and addressed(health potions would be nice/ pistol targeting could improve), but i absolutely love this game.. I cant believe this game would get any scores below a 7.. Sad so many fanboys will miss this sure gem of a game. Great story and the more i watch the story the more i appreciate it. I just leveled to 31 on my defender last night and i am on my second play through.. Fanboys and haters can cry and wine all they want this is a fantastic game and i cant wait for TH2.. game on .. Collosis lvl 31 cybernetic Defender tanking spec