Nintendo Working on New Handheld

Gameplayer is reporting that they've been given the inside word that Nintendo are hard at work on a new handheld and that an announcement may be imminent.

"But, we can reveal, Nintendo is working on a new handheld and has been doing so since the DS Lite was launched. Rob Saunders, Nintendo's PR man, told us: "our hardware development team is always at work on the next product after we launch one piece of hardware. It is usual that a new model will be brought to the market when we cannot offer new ideas with the current model.""

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sumfood4u3767d ago

it would be nice to see other gamming company try an compete with Nintendo DS but maybe being left in the dust is what they fear!

mfwahwah3767d ago

It sounds like you don't know about the PSP. It's not much competition, but it definitely holds its own pretty well (especially in Japan for awhile).

Jdoki3767d ago

And in other breaking news, Microsoft are working on the next XBox, Sony on the PS4 and the sun will probably rise tomorrow. :)

Can't see this dropping until the DS sales have started to really slow. Still selling like hotcakes.

I hope they make both screens touch sensitive and maybe add multi-touch as well - they already have a patent for multi-touch on the DS so I can see it coming.

Arkem3767d ago


Allowen3767d ago

Nintendo needs to make a gigantic step and make a real revolucionare and powerfull new portable vg because I am sure that the PSP2 will come not too long after that.

Graphics is not every thing offcourse or ppl would not be buying Wii/DS over PS3/PSP/Xbox360 but I hope Nintendo tries to make games on the next generation that can compete on same level to the other video games on the market,

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