Far Cry 2 - Can it hold a flame to the original?

Gameplayer has gone live with hands-on impression of highly anticpated sequel Far Cry 2, being developed by Ubisoft and not the original's creator Crytek (of Crysis fame). It includes four screenshots that may be new.

"Rivers are like highways in the game. You can use them to move quickly around the map and reach your objectives, but you're obviously quite exposed when you do it. When you're on the river you can spot zebra whose 'needs based' AI has deemed that they should get a drink. It's just a shame there are no predators in the game – we would've loved to see a crocodile whose 'needs based' AI has determined that they should eat a zebra. Or better yet, you. That would've been kinda cool. "Sorry we're late honey, traffic on the river was a bitch, and a crocodile was all up in my face and stuff…""

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InMyOpinion3712d ago

It looks really promising.

shazam3711d ago

well it doesn't have mutant monkeys from outer space so i think so.

MrNegativity3712d ago

I must be the only one who dont even remember the "original"

Jdoki3711d ago

It's worth checking it out on the PC if you like FPS games.

Still one of my favourite FPS's, and way better than Crysis in my opinion.

Jellzy3711d ago

I 2nd that.

For some reason the appeal of Crysis never really got to me. As graphically impressive as it was, the original FarCry was the first FPS too make hurdles in free roaming and at its time (and even today) was also visually stunning.

AAACE53711d ago

I think it will be better than the original, and may take up alot of peoples time on Live and PSN!

S1nnerman3711d ago

I don't know if I can support another FPS. I suppose I'd better start going to blockbuster and renting games.

perseus3711d ago

I don't know if I can support an FPS that doesn't have something new for me. Not just fun, but new.

This game will be new, for me at least, so I'll be definitely getting it. I don't remember the last FPS map editor I had, and I've never had a console with one. I'm very happy this game is coming.

Jellzy3711d ago

Although i had my doubts with it no longer being under the wings of Crytek, i'm starting to come around to the fact that the game is sounding more promising the more and more i hear about it.

Simple things like taking the wind into account when using the flamethrower and how the flames spread, give the game that little extra appeal showing just how much thought was put into the development process.

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