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Gaming Boulevard wrote a review of Dungeon of the Endless and decided:

The game offers a simplistic and yet challenging gameplay experience that can be played online with some friends. The fact that the game is a perfect blend of different game genres will help you to enjoy what this game has to offer. It’s a game that becomes a lot more enjoyable, once you actually start to master the micro-managing. Once you actually start to master these game mechanics, you’re in for a long but enjoyable ride to your freedom. It will take a couple of hours before you actually get there and keep in mind, one simple mistake can cost you your whole game. The game does need to improve their way of introducing new players to this genre: make a decent tutorial, give some background story to set the game in context, … All in all, it was a fun game to play and it challenges you to keep your head into the game. A decent game, for a decent price!

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