Nehalem overclocks to 4GHz+

Fudzilla has learned that the 3.2GHz Nehalem can easily overclock all the way to 4GHz or more, on air.

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Young Puzzle3736d ago

i wish my ps3 had one of these....maybe PS4 will

highps33736d ago

You really wouldnt want this in the Ps4 by that time this CPU will be surpassed easily. Technology moves fast so fast that its a pretty safe bet that this cpu is already out performed by another in development or already out.

Gondee3736d ago

The PS3 is faster then that cpu

SkyGamer3736d ago

What planet are you from? cell= ONE Power PC chip with 6 spe's with one reserved for OS and Security and one disabled to produce more yields. (3.2ghz) That is essentially one CORE with 6 physicial threads attached to the SINGLE CORE. Remember that Console CPU's are stripped down versions of the ACTUAL product. Nehalem is native quad-core done in 45nm with integrated memory controller, QDI intercommunication interface and eight thread support. Oh and 8 MB Cache. Stock runs at 3.2ghz with simple OC over 4ghz.

Jdoki3736d ago

SkyGamer - the actual like-for-like comparison of a Cell vs Nehalem mean very little, it's the architecture and function of the chips that makes the difference.

The Cell is pretty specialised, whereas the Nehalem is a general purpose CPU.

The Cell beats a general purpose CPU in specific tasks, such as the calculations required for Folding at Home (and many scientific data tasks), vector processing, decoding/encoding media - but a general purpose CPU is good at a lot of different applications and beats the Cell where a lot of predictive branching is needed.