Music exec wants bigger cut on video games

Many music industry executives who are trying to offset falling CD sales love the sound of "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band."

The video games have millions of followers who memorize the notes of songs so they can jam along, and they often buy the original version of their favorites. In addition to publicity, the record labels get licensing fees from game publishers. But not all music industry executives are singing "hallelujah."

Edgar Bronfman Jr., the chairman and chief executive of Warner Music Group Corp., recently grumbled that the record labels deserved a bigger piece of the spoils from the games' success.

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Euphrate3768d ago

Then Music Execs can Shut tha fak up.

sumfood4u3767d ago

Nice pic btw it just happens that you can easily download almost any song an videogame with the right skills! The only song i have a bit of trouble finding is Final Fantasy X the song is the best one that never cameout called "Nostalgia i believe its on song list M58 on page 8" THAT SONG IS TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR WORDS!" Had to get that off my chest!

meepmoopmeep3768d ago

no kidding, they're getting slaughtered by MP3 pirated downloads.

Mr_Showtime13768d ago

They are the greediest R-tards about, complaining thier not getting enough money from this media or that media.

meepmoopmeep3768d ago

true, i agree...

damn, they even rip off the damn artists for God's sake!

solidt123767d ago

Yeah illegal MP3's are really hurting the music industry. Artist really make there money on tour and doing shows. Record sales aren't what they use to be and companies are more desperate then ever.

troll3767d ago

Want more money? Then work for it. Pirates aside, you're the ones leeching on other peoples creations.

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