Here’s how PlayStation’s gaming boss deals with light leaking into his Oculus Rift headset

The Oculus Rift is one hell of a piece of hardware, but it does have one weird shortcoming: some light leaks in around the nose area. Thankfully, one of the brightest minds in the industry has stepped in with a … well, he’s calling it “a solution.”

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Sureshot647d ago

Great stealth troll, Yoshi.

Well played :P

Sureshot647d ago

No need to take offence bud. Just light humour.

Dabigsiebowski647d ago

Your comment is just that, love Shui.

freshslicepizza647d ago

i am not offended, i was actually in agreement

akurtz647d ago

light humor. i see what you did there

donthate647d ago

Is this Sony's new way?

You know trolling everyone, first MS with their physical disc lending video campaign with Yoshi, and again this with Yoshi. That's low.

I expected more from Yoshi.... Now Iknow to expect less.

freshslicepizza647d ago

what do you mean new way? they were like this at the beginning of last generation too until they realized hey, maybe we aren't invincible.

donthate647d ago


You are right. I completely forgot about the insane statements Sony made about the original Xbox, or how they used to act until they was thoroughly beaten by the Wii, and finally only broke even with the Xbox 360.

I guess, Sony is returning to their own arrogant self. I hope MS and Nintendo doesn't when they turn around their business!

IRetrouk647d ago

Did you ever see the original crash adverts? Sony have done this from day dot, plus the fella is only pointing out a solution to a problem that he has with a product he likes, nothing wrong with that bud.

moenia647d ago

If there fanbase likes it I guess they are just doing what works.

OB1Biker647d ago

Is that all you can find? It goes both ways with many jabs from Greenberg or even phil talking about paying for 'games you already own' for example.
Shu has posted many many pics and comments actually promoting VR from the competition and this somehow trolling/funny pic is but a droplet in the river of praise he gives everyday to them.

rainslacker646d ago

At least when Sony trolls it's rather humorous more often than not. I can't really say the same for other trolls out or corporate.

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ChrisW647d ago

It's not very creative nor practical.

Creativity would imply a cool game character hanging from his nose. Practicality would simply be something that's not all that obtrusive.

OB1Biker647d ago

The thing is we know he s actually a real fan of VR and he posted many other pics and tweets actually promoting VR from the competition.
Not the same thing as some real consistent 'trolls' in the comment who pretend to be shocked.

Aceman18647d ago

The people here complaining about a little fun he's having need to relax lol.

Orbilator646d ago

Its not a stealth troll. Yosh also says in the replies further down that it works for psvr to as that has light leak from the bottom to.

Seems to me he's just giving a handy tip

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TheGreatGamer647d ago

He even admitted that he does the same thing with PSVR because it has the same problem so calm down people, it's just light hearted humour

TheGreatGamer647d ago

His Twitter. Check the tweet and it's literally a few replies down. Again, just proves it was light hearted

ChrisW647d ago


Though he already provided one; next time why don't you take the time to find it yourself. Then if you find him to be wrong, you can gloat about it.

generic-user-name647d ago (Edited 647d ago )


Actually no ChrisW I think I'll continue to expect people to back up their claims and not spend hours randomly Googling it myself. I guess people on trial should expect the jury to go find the evidence that finds them not guilty too right?

My God, what an asinine reply.

donthate647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

How about he does it on his company's PS VR unit and post that?

A troll, is a troll!

Silly gameAr647d ago

Calm down, it's not a big deal. Tough, we already know why you're being so dramatic about it.

rainslacker646d ago

Does the PSVR has an issue with light leaking in?

DLConspiracy647d ago

I didn't see anyone freaking out about it, but he probably should have left it alone. I can't imagine he is naive.

Orbilator646d ago

Don't worry greatgamer some people just don't read the posts. I seen the bit about psvr and I only spent 5 minutes looking at post.

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specialguest647d ago

I actually don't mind the gap if it's like the Oculus DK2. It actually helps you see where your keyboard or controller is.

Vasto647d ago

HTC Vive is the one true vr experience.

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