Meristation previews Resistance 2 at GC, 2008

The editor writes:-

"One of the most anticipated scooters this year continues to reveal surprises in the months prior to its launch. Resistance aims to keep a 2 multiplayer battles with massive, and makes calibrating the two factions, the Chimera and humans, thanks to the berserks. In addition, the GC 2008 is unveils a new weapon."

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HipHopGamerShowFan3767d ago

HipHopGamer has siad that he prefers the gameplay of Resistance 2 over Gears 2. I might also agree :)

Presentist3767d ago

You should also both shut up before you irritate more folk.

REPLOID243767d ago

I'll ride that scooter all day, yo.

micro_invader3767d ago

"that caused the mutation Nathan Cole" lol, they mistranslated the name?

I actually like the sound of that name more than "Nathan Hale" :P



I was about to say that!

I was also about to sat that this article had some of the worst writing I've ever seen!" Then I realized it was spanish translated.