Physical version of Ether One released in North America for PS4

The physical version of Ether One has been released in the North American region for the Playstation 4.

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1nsomniac981d ago (Edited 981d ago )

While I loved the idea behind the game. The game itself was truly awful.

Despite me really wanting to experience a game dealing with this mature situation I could only battle through the pain of playing it for maybe up to 2 hours before I just really didn't want to bother playing any more.

For a game based around the troubles of the mind It bored my mind to death. It was so incredibly dull with a stereotypical pompous british accent that no one in this country sounds like (when will developers realise this!) that grates on you from the moment the game starts. The poor mechanics also didn't help.

Great idea in theory, created very poorly. Not sure why it would warrant a physical release.