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will5623681d ago

they need to play a little bit more but greAT SONG

Chris Hansen3681d ago

Micheal Jackson
The one person that got away from me.

PeptoBismol3681d ago

Michael Jackson is a legend

Ozzyb3681d ago

hahaha! You'll get 'em next time Chris.. Next time...

sumfood4u3681d ago

You just can't Stop the King of Pop! I wish they added Billy Jean & Thriller! Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! heheeeeeeeeeeeeee! Jammmm onnn itttt!

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dericb113681d ago

So many sad things to be said I will keep them in. I do notice he seems to let almost anyone use property's. Is it the the money I think so.

TruthbeTold3681d ago's some black guy. :p

Mr_Kuwabara3681d ago

That was his first transformation, his last one is Yoda form if I recall.

Young Puzzle3681d ago

this song is classic......sadly he sucks now

meepmoopmeep3681d ago

yeah, i don't mind his music... just not his... everything else

TruthbeTold3681d ago

No doubt that he's one of the most talented entertainers in recent memory, but the man has some serious issues. And that's even if you give him the benefit of doubt regarding the kid thing...

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The story is too old to be commented.