Unboxed: Xbox 360 vs Dell Studio Hybrid

The Dell Studio Hybrid mini desktop PC has arrived, and PC Authority has unboxed the mini system with photos comparing it side by side with an Xbox 360. It is small - just over half the height of the Xbox judging by the photos. The Hybrid includes Intel Core 2 Duo, onboard DVD drive, and Windows Vista, while the ASUS Eee Box has Intel Atom and Windows XP.

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Fowack3768d ago

but if you were to hook that up to a large Tv, it would be a nice gaming rig. Not sure it could handle any major games( I am not tech savy so i really don't know) but if it could do like cod4 at native 720p that would be pritty impressive. IMO

TheIneffableBob3768d ago

It's bamboo.

And this machine won't be able to do any serious gaming, unfortunately. It was built as a low-profile and low-cost desktop machine, and thus uses integrated graphics.

y0haN3767d ago

"Intel® Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 "

It can't play Half-Life 2 at a decent framerate.

MorganX3767d ago

The cheapest config I can put together that's worth having is $794

That's the base unit for $499 plus 2.1GHz 800Mhz CPU, Wireless N (why bother without it, it's for living room), Wireless Keyboard/Mouse.

I kept the standard 1G RAM (only because I have extra DDR 2 laying around) and 160G Hard Disk.

I would use it primarily for Media Center Recording and Living room web browsing. But at these prices, I'll keep waiting for PS3's Play TV and keep using my desktop Vista Ultimate with the 360 as a Media Extender.

If Dell would get real with the pricing these things would be flying off the shelves. But $800 for 1G Ram and Business Class video is a deal breaker.

DevastationEve3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

AMD Phenom x4 9850 2.5ghz = $194
Asus ATI Radeon HD4850 512mb GDDR3 PCIe 2.0 = $180
MSI K9A2 Platinum "AMD 790FX" based board = $149
Corsair Dominator 4gb (2x 2gb) DDR2 1066 = $149
Antec TPQ-850 Modular PSU = $139.99
Thermaltake Armor+MX Black Aluminum / Steel ATX Mid Tower = $134.99

add HDD and optical drives, and your good to go!

"All current prices, get em while they're hot!"

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Rice3768d ago

i would take the dell over the 360 any day...then sell it and buy 6 360's and make a video...

CNIVEK3768d ago

WTF is the point of this "comparison"???

me243768d ago

I think it's to show some perspective for size comparison more than anything

DarkSniper3768d ago

When it comes to technical specifications, Xbox 360 is by far the absolute worst. Dark Sniper can boldly assure you that his Tandy 5000 he bought back in 1989 is a far more efficient piece of equipment than Xbox 360.


Joker2Dope3767d ago

Your technical specifiactions are the absolute worst the 360 is what... 3 years old, BEST ONLINE, most games sold, biggest triple AAA title with Halo 3 breaking enertainment records world wide with most sold piece of software EVER!!, then it was beat by GTA4 but hey now thats ares too, it lets you talk with friends around the world, acheivments for everygame not one or too or trophies coming to this ALL! but im sure you know this I don't have to tell you, 3 years in the tecnological market is a long time to stay and this puppy is like what 199 with the new 50$ price drop plus two games now I know that mini computer aint that cheap and doesn't have the exclusives the 360 does, peace moron

Pain3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )


@ above Joker You keep telling your self that and mabey it will come your wet dreams...

1- Best online? paying to play Lag ridden Per-to-per lan is the Best? sure....

2- When u kill of you First Console and make fans Mandatoryly upgrade to next console yes u will sell lots of games...not like u can buy games for a Dead Console...

3- AAA Halo?? u mean Finish the Fight on Xbox 3 640p last gen FPS?...aww porr baby defending Babys First FPS. err Halo...

4- just like a xBot to say There Multi-plat is Beter! lol

5- "it lets you talk with friends around the world" Yea i do too with my Eyetoy 6 way Video chat for FREE . fail hard there. and btw its not 70% Americans either.

6- Trophies Rape Achievements. Sony Innovated the Hell out of it.

7-Making the Xbox Cheap is not a sign of it being good kid, its a Cheap pile of PC laptop parts from 2003 so its price reflects is Crappyness,

"peace moron" Spoken like a True unintelligent brainless xbot.

And btw ?..what Multiple Account xbot r U?

cahill3767d ago

6 replies and 400 degrees

How is this possible?

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