Kamikaze Pop Gothic Lolita Showcase at Sony's Metreon

For those who dig cosplay, Gamertell has posted an article and photo gallery of the Gothic & Lolita Fashion Showcase held by Kamikaze Pop and Tokyopop on August 16, 2008, at the Action Theater of Sony's Metreon in San Francicso, CA.

From the article:

"In Japan, the terms 'gothic' and 'lolita' are used to describe a sub-culture of teenagers who wear a wide range of fashions. The syle of GothLoli focuses on combinations of black with white lace which may be typically decorated with ribbons and lace trims. The outfits almost always consist of skirts should not be shorter than knee-length since it is important to maintain an image of innocence by covering up oneself as much as possible...

The show began with an introduction by Nicole DeMeo, CEO of Kamikae Pop, who also awarded the lucky winners of the cookie decorating contest. Soon after, Tokyopop's senior editor, Jenna Winterburg, assumed the stage wearing an Alice in Wonderland-inspired piece from Baby The Star Shine Bright."

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