Unbundled PS3s Showing Up Online...

With reports of PS3 availability at retail stores across the country comes word that the PS3 is starting to be listed unbundled and available online also. has the 60GB PS3 available online unbundled for $599.

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Sphinx4307d ago

I couldn't find a 360 for a lot longer after launch.

big_tim4307d ago

I refuse to buy bundled machines unless they come with what I was already going to buy. That usually never happens.

Rooted_Dust4307d ago

I found an unbundled 60gb PS3 at my local Best Buy. I didn't even go there to look for it, but I did leave with one and a copy of RFOM. I couldn't believe how heavy it was, but it does look good next to my HDTV.

wolfgang4307d ago

Good thing, bundle doesn't offer any avantage for the buyer. You basicly pay full price for each item, even those you will never use.

MicroGamer4306d ago

I guess they finally realized that they are more likely to sell if they aren't part of a $1000 or more bundle.

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