The Simulation Fixation: Our Love For Simulation Games

Simulation games have been some of the worlds favourite ways to spend time. And [Pixel Cheat's writter Jordan is] not only talking about 'The Sims' that released in 2000 (16 years ago!), but Simulation games as a genre. Simulation games go back further than the life and career emulator crated by 'Maxis' and published by 'EA' that took PC gamers by storm.

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wonderfulmonkeyman951d ago (Edited 951d ago )

The last simulation game I honestly fully enjoyed, was Act Raiser, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back on the SNES.

Nothing I've heard about or seen since has intrigued me as much as that one game did, in terms of simulation games; it was truly a game ahead of its time, for its type, due to the action sequences it also blended into it to mix up the gameplay, and add some excitement, between saving the land and its people through the sim elements.

If that game ever made a current-gen come-back, I'd kiss the devs that do it full on the mouth.