XPERIA X1 - first Windows Mobile device by Sony Ericsson

Due to historical reasons, the WM platform has been largely attributed with being a niche solution should we judge on a global scale encompassing the whole telecom market. The sales of WM products remain on a stably low level despite of all Microsoft's efforts to promote WM (which might look a bit strange given the variety of vendors designing WM products).

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DaKid3735d ago

Nope just business, Sony and Microsoft do NOT hate each other. Just happens that they compete in a market.

Not saying you think this way, just pointing it out for others that do think this way.

Kyur4ThePain3735d ago

Do you think there aren't any Sony TVs at MS?

sonarus3735d ago

This phone will be the greatest phone ever made. Microsoft better get their act together and make sure the software is suitable enough for the awesomness of Xperia. I have been waiting on this phone for almost a yr now:(

Young Puzzle3735d ago

they should do this with a game console.....have sony make the hardware because there the best at that(and no RRoD), and have Microsoft make the software(because live is better as of now than psn).......and nintendo is well last gen lol

devilhunterx3735d ago

PSN will evolve further. Thinking it wont is just plain stupid talk.

Young Puzzle3735d ago

yes it will but as of now live is better.....that is if you dont mind paying 50 dollars a year

devilhunterx3735d ago

for $50, I can haz lots of cheezburgers :P

GiantEnemyCrab3735d ago

"PSN will evolve further. Thinking it wont is just plain stupid talk."

And you don't think Live with evolve as well?

PSN is free though so you can't complain.

Ontopic: This is rather funny but nothing new. Sony laptops use XP/Vista so they work together.

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Alexander Roy3735d ago

Great and all, but I would never buy a WVGA Pocket PC. Yeah, the resolution might be great, but good luck finding software that's compatible (for those who don't know: Software has to support the rez of your device, otherwise it's highly likely it won't work [properly]).
Besides, the X1 is basically a HTC Touch Pro with some slight upgrades and less compatibility (WVGA FTL!).

Doppy3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Release date please. I've been on this phone for almost a year.

cjp4eva3735d ago

Correction! That release date was erroneous. Its supposed to be released week 42 of the year meaning around October 12 +- a week, srr but im too lazy right now to look up links, but i could tell you i've been following this phone closely

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