A Wii Bit Of Luck For Nintendo writes "The Iphone-esque hype that Nintendo has managed to generate over the Wii is helping propel it to the very top of the videogame world.

A day after PlayStation 3 maker Sony reported a 50.0% plunge in profits, sales of the Wii gaming platform spurred Nintendo to a 34.0% rise in net profits.

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TheDeadMetalhead3760d ago

I don't care what the haters say, the Wii is a great system just like Nintendo is a great Game Company.

Hell, I'm playing Chocobo's Dungeon on it right now :)

ape0073760d ago

smg awesome

mp3 and tp are amazing

the other 98.9% of games is just pure sh!t

TheDeadMetalhead3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

So then

Exite Truck
Mario Kart Wii
WarioWare : Smooth Moves
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil : The Umbrella Chronicles
Manhunt 2
Guitar Hero 3
Hous of the Dead 2 & 3 Return
Boom Blox
Blast Works : Build, Trade, Destroy
Smash Bros. Brawl
Final Fantasy Fables : Chocobo's Dungeon
Super Paper Mario
and Ghost Squad

just don't exist? Am I going crazy, then?

Um, yeah. Ape? Those games say hello.

I mean, honestly. How is it that whenever I start praising the Wii for what it does right, you manage to show up right on cue to say I'm wrong? No offense, but it just seems a lot like you're tracking me so you can show up just to bash the Wii the secone I say something good about it. -_-

Oh, and btw, you like SNES and N64?

2 Words: Virtual Console.

madjedi3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

The saddest part is the first comment isn't by a hater attacking the wii, it's a defender preempting everyone telling us how great nintendo/wii is.

And how they deserve their success, nintendo should put you and a couple of others on their payroll.

Not everyone views the wii/nintendo as favorably as you do, alot of people, like ape is an example don't agree with your statement and neither do i.

Yeah about virtual console, the emulators and the roms have existed for years, and they have alot better selection than what nintendo has offered.

At least you don't have to wait for nintendo to release a game you want at their leisure, if they ever do. If stealing bothers you, buy the game when nin releases it on vc and there you go.

You bought the game so no significant theft occuried, nintendo was just too slow in allowing you to buy the game.

ape0073760d ago

excite truck,decent but motorstorm or burnout paradise kicks its ass

super paper mario were good(but I think paper mario on 64 and cube's thousand years doors are better)

smooth moves is not a game half an hour and it's done and I think that ds's wario ware touched is much better,secondly a wario were game is acceptable on a handheld,on a console? it's just totally stupid

re4 wii,re 4 is one of finest games in history and the wii release just got better motion controlles and wii make's it look a bit outdated,plus,I finish it on gc in 2005 and okami so no need to rerelease

re:uc=disappointment,it's not a re game,it's pretty good as an arcade shooter,if the wii was an hd console then capcom won't release uc,there gonna release a true sequel to 4

manhunt 2?? are you serious??

I play it and it sucked,the original was much better even in graphics

gh 3?? who's gonna buy it when they got the better,the bigger ps3\360

house of the dead?? your kidden

there were solid on dc,but sega just humiliated themselves with those damn ugly graphics

n64 on vc??

are fkn kidden me

turok 1,2 goldeneye,perfectdark,blast corps,shadow of the empire,banjo kazooei,tooei,conker:bad fur day,jet force gemini,dk64,shadow man and much more

and I have one question for you


hell no,because it's so casual,even nintendo reliese that their games(best on wii)didn't sell well,AND NOW THEY ARE DOING A CASUAL ZELDA!!!


go ign and check the game list on 360\ps3 and then check the wii game list to see what am talking about

BrotherNick3760d ago

Thanks for your opinion. I think what happened was that easy controls plus 250 for the console was a smart move on Nintendo's part. Times are tough, and people couldn't afford the starting prices of the other consoles. What we're starting to realize is that the graphics are horrible, but people will not pay 150 dollars more for a console that is not friendly to your casual gamers just because the graphics are "pretty". Your rants are beating a dead horse. If you want the other consoles to win go buy more of your system of choice lol, spend more money.

TheDeadMetalhead3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Really? Are you THAT desperate to try to prove to everyone that the Wii sucks, when in fact it DOESN'T?

Exite Truck = better than Motor Storm. It had Splitscreen, way better load times and more tracks and content in it, too.

Manhunt 2 - I liked it. I don't give a f#$k what you say.

House of the Dead - They were ports, you moron!! Of course they aren't going to look good, they're 10 years old! The gameplay is still good, and that's all I care about.

GH3 - It's interesting how you say "Why buy it" when it's selling the most right now.

WarioWare - It was short but at least it was still fun! Can't say the same about Too Human or Haze, now can we?

You fail, Ape


Why do you follow me just so you can flame me? Do you really have nothing better to do?

You both need to grow up -_-

madjedi3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Okay dead you are insulting to both me and ape and then you turn around and say that we need to grow up, what a hypocritic.

2 things i get home late at night so one of my habits is to browse n4g for gaming articles sue me.

If you think i am stalking or following you just to flame you, you really need to get over yourself, your not that important.

@3 Alot of people use the term hate, when it really isn't actually hatred, i doubt ape and others actually hate the wii.

It is appearant that if someones opnions is different than yours, they are wrong and you are right.

"Manhunt 2 - I liked it. I don't give a f#$k what you say." And we are the ones who need to grow up, oh brother.

TheDeadMetalhead3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

"Okay dead you are insulting to both me and ape and then you turn around and say that we need to grow up, what a hypocritic."

I insult you because you're an idiot. And you and Ape DO need to grow up and accept that the Wii isn't going anywhere and there's a 99% chance that it will sell the most this-gen.

"2 things i get home late at night so one of my habits is to browse n4g for gaming articles sue me.

If you think i am stalking or following you just to flame you, you really need to get over yourself, your not that important."

First of all, it's "you're". Not "your". Secondly what I meant when I said that you were stalking me is that for the past 3 days or so you've done nothing but flame me the moment I say something positive about the Wii. If you hate the Wii so much then JUST DON'T BUY IT.

"@3 Alot of people use the term hate, when it really isn't actually hatred, i doubt ape and others actually hate the wii."

You and Ape have both said on more than one occasion that you hate the Wii. So 3's right.

""Manhunt 2 - I liked it. I don't give a f#$k what you say." And we are the ones who need to grow up, oh brother. "

Apparently so. Considering that you can't process that someone actually LIKED a game! *gasp* Oh no! God forbid I PLAY A GAME THAT I LIKE. It's...It's...It's MADNESS!!! [/sarcasm]

ape0073759d ago


do you play ps3 or 360?

if you liked these wii games(not the nintendo ones)

your stuck in the past my friend and wii is the resone

just play mgs 4,cod4,bioshock,paradise,uncha rted,gta,

my god what's is this

manhunt 2,excite truck,

again you are stuck in the past my dear

if you play cod 4 for 5 second,your not gonna look again at these nightmares

trust me

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ape0073760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

nintendo is now falling in a see of pure trashness(although I love smg,one of my favorite games ever but damn I have to say the truth)

how does this piece of sh!t sell

can't believe it

everyweek,another game slaped on nintendo's face with 1 out 10,2 out of 10

I mean come on now

snes and n64 were legends.I mean true legends

I guess it's true,the wii is a flop

ps3\360 ftw

wii:support it nintendo or nintendo will fade away from us

marionz3760d ago

the wii is good for some people, like my mate, she just bought one with wii fit mario kart and a few other games.

now i want to like the system, because i love mario zelda and alot of other nintendo IP's.

but i cant help thinking nintendo really shafted the fans with this console, i mean it looks awefull on my HDTV, and its weaker then jap beer, and yes devs are releasing some truely bad games for it, played smarty pants at my friends place lastnight and get better games on XBLA.

its got its market, mostly girls and casual gamers, or people that might get fooled into thinking its a true next gen console before buying it, when i actually think the game cube had better graphics.

its certainly not suited to people like me although im by no means a hard core gamer i like my games to look and play good.

Sitdown3760d ago

The Game Over segment on CNBC? Perhaps I am still on that kick......but pong, space invaders, pacman, and breakout were games that really started gaming.......and I find it interesting that now because we are in 2008 such simplistic games on the Wii are knocked. Just because you do not like the Wii does not mean it is a FLop. The same way Atari ushered in gamers....the same way Wii has the opportunity to do the same.

dib8rman3760d ago

It's not ok to hate, hate is ignorance expressed.

It is ok to be ignorant but it isn't ok to share your ignorance.

It is ok to love, it's not ok to be fanatically in love in all cases moderation is plays a fundamental role.

Reading your responses makes it seem like he was preempting you and everyone with hate who didn't get a chance to be 1.

Voiceofreason3760d ago

Gotta love when people come to trash the Wii yet hold no knowledge of the console. Like Ape. In his fanboy rage he trashes GH4 for Wii and asks why anyone would buy it over the PS3 or 360 version.. Because its better on Wii? Why else did GH3 for Wii outsell all other versions even with a 1 month long recall to fix mono sound. AS far as your opinion goes on every other Wii game, your opinion does not equal FACT. Hey its great you think the Wii is complete garbage and wish to waste your days away letting others know how bad you feel it is, instead of being off playing your own console. I dont guess your console is any better though since its forcing you do live here talking about things you hate. I think the PS3 is the biggest waste of time and money this gen but I dont feel the need to run to every PS3 article to point that out. I have better things to do than waste my time on things I hate.Sad that your chosen console and life style do not offer you the same kind of enjoyment.

madjedi3759d ago

Funny i know other people that feel the same about the wii, and believe the ps3/360 are the only consoles worth the money/time.

Are you temp banned from gamer zone