Tokyo Game Show 2008 Exhibitor List

Well, Leipzig is over. The next big games convention will be the Tokyo Game Show which will be open to media and business partners October 9-10, and open to the general public 11-12. It seems like there are always rumors about who will and won't be attending these things, so here is the Official Exhibitor List straight from the Official Tokyo Game Show Website.

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R_19933762d ago

Well my main 2 are in the list. (Square enix and Level 5)

gaffyh3762d ago

Yeah me too, but I'm also hoping for some info from Team ICO (if they are counted as Sony hopefully). Also I really want to see the progress on White Knight Story/Chronicles from Level 5.

Panipal20053762d ago

Sony really don't have an excuse to not show the Team Ico game, we didn't give them any stick about it not being there @ GC, they got a break so we deserve a break.

If they don't show it, it'll be a blunder on par with, oh, anything that comes out of David Reeves' mouth

Omega43762d ago

Hope Mistwalker and MS show Cry On and sequels to BD and LO. Also i hope Square Enix finally release all their FFXIII trailers in HD to the public

Mao3762d ago

They are a credible developer and I definately look forward to anything they're willing to show!

gaffyh3762d ago

Yeah hopefully Mistwalker show something, but I don't want a sequel to BD (cos it was crap), I'd rather have LO2 and Cry On (at one point I thought this game was made by Crytek, cos I didn;t know anything about it lol).

Immortal Kaim3762d ago

I agree with you guys, would love some info on LO2 and/or Cry on.
So will the FF in game trailers be shown?

gaffyh3762d ago

@Immortal Kaim - Probably, TGS is probably the best place for Square Enix to show off FF

Immortal Kaim3762d ago

Cheers mate. Fingers crossed hey :)

I'm just really in the mood for another epic tale which FF games are renowned for producing. The whole concept of the 3 games set around the same basic story elements sounds interesting.

Though I don't currently own a PS3, I will probably end up getting the PS3 version of FFXIII, call me silly but for nostalgic reasons, I think I will play the FF games on the Playstation (good enough excuse to get one I guess) lol

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meepmoopmeep3762d ago

glad to see Level 5 on that list :)

Mao3762d ago

Remember, White Knight Chronicles scheduled by Sony to be out before March 31, 2009 in Japan. The quicker it's out there, the quicker it's out here.

I'm hoping they announce a Christmas release for Japan at TGS. If so, it's here next summer!

Homicide3762d ago

White Knight Chronicles looks awesome. Level 5 games always lack something, like a good story or something. But Jeanne D'Arc was amazing; definitely proved that they can deliver a great story. Can't wait for WKS, and maybe a release date.

AAACE53762d ago

Since it will take some time before E3 is good again... TGS will probably be the best games show around for a little while.

It's good that they got so many developers there, cause we might get to hear about some potentially great games that haven't been announced yet!

fork -3762d ago

Just the menshn of the TGS and the logo

fill me up with anitcipashen

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