Halo 3, MGS4 & Bad Company:- Does every game need to be a grade-A blockbuster title?

From XboxOZ360:

"With the exception of a few months such as October and November the "Grade-A" titles are always outnumbered by an alarming amount. The question here is whether developers should be aiming for perfection or content with less than that.

There is not all that much incentive for developers to aim for perfection when they can just crank out trash and make money. One only needs to look at the sales figures for any movie based game to see my point.

However, all the titles that I would dub either mediocre or crap are always absolutely adored by at least a few people."

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NewSchoolGamer3737d ago

was made because of Too Human no? lol

Okay then I think we should just play and enjoy the games that we like. AAA games are just supposed to be more fun. If you have money to spare buy Lair, Haze, Too Human, and other games that are not AAA plus the AAA games. If you just want to spend money on good games than just buy AAA games.

gaminoz3737d ago

Actually Too Human may be a good example of a game that some just LOVE and some really HATE. Haze was boring and just crap (okay I'm sure some people liked it...).

Games, like film, or literature will have different people attracted to different types. I enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean for fun, though it was by no means a great game. I loved MGS4 but hated some of the long-winded preachy run-on cut scenes and the stupid "oh this a blue ray disc you don't have to swap discs" so-called humour rubbish. No you may not have to swap discs you just have huge loads all the time during the game! Still, despite the over-indulgent cut-scenes the game was great.

Halo 3 was criticised for not living up to expectation, but how could it when expectations were so high? So even AAA games are not perfect and will have people who dislike them (look at Gears and Killzone too).

Some games have good ideas but fail (Alone in the Dark and Turning Point) and some have bad ideas and fail but still may appeal to some (Beowulf).

I don't think all games need to be AAA, but they do need to be clean unbroken games. Two Worlds and Alone in the Dark and Turning Point needed polish and fixing badly.

marionz3737d ago

if devs actually want to sell there product then yes it needs to be as close to AAA as possible, i mean did silicon knights not realise that there game wasnt fun before releasing it?
do sega not care enough to actually play test there sonic games before releasing them to see if they actually play well?

people dont want to see rubbish movies so why would they want to buy anything but the best when it comes to games, seriously devs need to learn that people pay much more attention to what they buy now days and only the best games sell well, hype will only get you so far, if a review is bad or average what do you think gamers are going to your product or rent for the weekend?

badz1493736d ago

"does every game need to be a grade-A blockbuster title?"

HELL YEAH! people always want the best out of everything and in order to generate sales, ideally the game itself should be a grade-A game! is the writer actually support devs who make craps and sell them and then expecting huge sales? if yes, than he's crap himself! what the hell is wrong with this guy? Is he telling that he's not expecting for the best for his every purchase? games are expensive these days and article like this which insist in telling people to buy and try everything is just ridiculous! if devs make great games, people will but it and happy with the purchase(not talking about all but majority) but if devs produced crap and people bought it, I feel sorry for them if they don't enjoy it and feel the purchase unjustified! so, again, shoul all games be an A-grader? YES and at leasts make them great because dev are asking for people's money here, and should of make sure they made their customers' puchases justified!

BattleAxe3736d ago

BattleField is hardly a AAA title. DICE basically released half of a game. Not to mention the technical issues. Because of this I don't think I'm going to bother with Mirrors Edge which is also made by DICE.

hay3736d ago

Medicore titles can be loved by gamers. But I would like to be sure that I'm spending my money on quality product and it's better for devs. AAA games sell better.

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XboxOZ3603737d ago

Personally I'm amazed that so many gamers do not consider the games that fall into the "average" mark. As many are great "games" per-se', it's just that the recent two generations of gamers, especially the latest one, seem hell bent on only accepting Grade=A titles and seeing anything under 8 - 8.5/10 as anything worthwhile.

Any game that gets a 7 or even 8 these days is lumped with critisizm and often contempt. Yet when you look at it as a 'game' - it usually is basically doing what it should do. Entertain and add some enjoyment.

I've picked up many a game that has had so-called bad reviews/press, to find an engaging, and enjoyable game. Sure it might not have been "perfect" or had the pixel perfect graphics or sound, but it has given me hours of fun that I would not have had if I simply saw the 7 - 8.5/10 mark and turned it down just based on that figure

Tobias1233737d ago

Amen man. People listen to review scores far too often. I too have picked up many games that were, shall we say, not well appreciated by the gaming critics, and found some of the best fun there is. Games like Croc(I liked it, be quiet:P), Killzone, Lair, and Two Worlds were all games that I enjoyed immensely, and I am sure I'll find many more that I enjoy that others may not.

However, with games being $60 a pop, I can understand why reviews would make people hesitant to buy a game if they're less than stellar. Most people don't want to blow that money on a game they don't enjoy, which is one of the reasons we see people so reliant on reviews. Another reason is fanboy wars, but most gamers prefer to ignore those.

Julia Bond3736d ago

i enjoyed miami vice for psp i thought it was an enjoyable game and actually captured the look and feel of a michael mann film good stuff



Bombibomb3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )


dro3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

no one likes crap and know one will enjoy playing a crap game so obviously every game coming out now should be at least above average and NOT average;and if possible have that AAA feeling.This is supposed to be NEXT GEN gaming!! (-_-)

XboxOZ3603737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

It depends on what you call Crap.

Does every game NEED photorealistic visuals - no. Does every game need to have the best physics available to man - no. Does every game need to have completely destructible environments to be entertaining - no.

Of course they don't. There are games that simply provide enjoyment and fun without the need for such things. We are forgetting where games came from.

ANd it's no longer "next-Gen" it's "This-Gen" . .Next-Gen is for the x720 and the PS4 and other iterations of the majors hardware.

There was a time that 5 was considered the average, where it was a possibly "think" about it, but might not. with 7-8 being a bloody great game and well worth grabbing. Now if a game does not have a score higher than say 8 - 8.5/10, it's considered rubbish and not up to scratch.

Vicophine3737d ago

I agree with you, Gameplay and story over rule all else IMO.

NewSchoolGamer3737d ago

I for one have little money to spend on video games so when I buy a game it has to be an AAA game.

All of my PS3 titles consist of AAA games or games that are at that 8.5 mark like Madden 08.

XboxOZ3603737d ago

SO if a game lost a point on some aspects of its visuals, but had excellent gameplay but still onlyhad a 7/10, then you'd turn it down . .. each needs to be looked at as n individual thing. Not based on a universal scoring system.As even the scoring system is basically flawed, as its completely subjective and open to exploitation and even dare I say corruption.

badz1493736d ago

he already said that he only have little money to spend for games and that's why he prefers only AAA titles but you insist on telling him to also look at games with rating 6,7 or 8?? I understand his feeling because I'm totally on the same boat and that was quite a good choice from his side over there in spending his money but you are just pushing it too much! I bet he'll be more than happy to play even the worst games ever with rating 1, 2 or 3 if you provide it for him for free if you really want him to do as you said that much!