Top 10 Best Video Game Demos of All Time

Sometimes a good demo can be more valuable than a $100,000 advertising budget. So CheatCC is counting down the best demos ever released that helped raise gamer's interest to a fever pitch.

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RSKnight981d ago

I just played the FFXV demo on PS4 and after I finished with it I had to uninstall the damn thing. It has to be the worst game demo ever. I sure hope the final game is nothing like the -ironically called- "Platinum Demo".
I can't believe how many people are saying this demo is so good, did I missed something?

Kyosuke_Sanada981d ago

I'm not rolling through all of those pages but in my gaming experience, the best demos were on demo disc 7 for Playstation One.

- Blasto
- Tomba!
- Einhander
- Gran Turismo,
- Gex 2
- Tekken 3
- Tomb Raider II