1UP: Fairytale Fights Updated Preview & First Screenshots

1UP writes: "The show presented the first time we've seen the game at all, and Playlogic had a real-time demo version on display, showing two-player co-op in a bright green level that looks like it could have been designed by developer Rare.

Non-traditional features include using the right analog stick to control standard melee attacks, with you swiping charged up attacks in different directions in real-time by sliding the right stick around, as well as blood that stays on the ground after you kill enemies. You also have the ability to slide around on that blood when it's there, pick up weapons, and lure enemies into bear traps. Furthermore, Fairytale Fights has bunnies that, at the moment, look like Rayman's Rabbids, and lots of random touches such as birds flying into a wall and dying on impact as you walk past (with, of course, more blood)."

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