Google to release cloud based OS? writes: "The omnipotent nature of Google in the online arena gives it a financial and influential advantage over its competition – while competitors (notably Microsoft) scamper to take a foothold in this online phenomenon, attempting to snatch some of the revenue pie and make up what little ground they can on Google. It's this online dominance that Google can use to step into the world of operating systems. And it will likely revolve around cloud technology."

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dnf273764d ago

With Microsoft confirming they are working on cloud, and Apple releasing MobileMe, it's a safe assumption the future will be cloud based. How good would it be if Linux/Google came around as a challenger to Apple and Microsoft though. You can bet Google would make a great product.

theKiller3763d ago

i will be the first one to use google new OS!! am fed up with windows and all errors and formats and restarts that i have to go through!

Mr_Bun3763d ago

bubbles for both of you!

Wii60Fan3764d ago

totally be cloud based- the machine needs some kind of operating kernal to run.

Lord Anubis3764d ago

wrong. no computation is done on the client side. in the future and the concept of the cloud OS is to eliminate the PC.

wibble3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Wii60 is right, there still has to be an OS on the client computer - file system, GUI, network management etc.

Lord Anubis3763d ago

don't be silly. otherwise it wouldn't be accessible through cellphones and PDAs. that's the whole point of the cloud. only access to the internet. Portal.

Caxtus7503763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

but surely PDA's and phones also have an OS?

You will need some kind of OS to act as a "portal" like you said, so as to configure settings such as connection settings etc.

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Kyur4ThePain3764d ago

If Apple can sort out MobileMe's few issues and Google does this, MS is going to start pooping in its pants.

mirroredderorrim3764d ago

I will be there with an empty box of laxatives.

SkyGamer3764d ago

That will be a radical change that won't happen for awhile. Not everyone will feel secure about having their personal data at the beck and call of google. Especially since they already store everything you search for and sell it to companies. Yeah, that makes me feel a lot better, jk!

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