Eurogamer: Bungie's Damian Isla - Interview

Eurogamer writes: "Most big, modern games are, of necessity, a team effort - so much so that it's often hard to ascribe any particular part of the experience to one person. In the Halo series, for instance, all manner of people contributed to the games, and for the most part, you'd be hard pressed to pick out a great moment and say, "this person made this". It's a team effort. Everyone's fingers are in all sorts of pies, and every pie has all sorts of fingers in it.

Scattered throughout your experience of the Master Chief's story, however, there are a few moments that Damian Isla could probably claim as his own. As Bungie's AI code guru, he's responsible for those perfect meetings of gameplay and enemy behaviour.

This summer, Damian was in Brighton to talk to the Develop conference about how Halo's AI works - and how the "foundational ideas" that describe the behaviour and reactions of enemies have evolved over time, taking in lessons learned and technology advances from Halo 1 right the way through to last year's Halo 3. We caught up with him for a chat about Halo's digital brain - and, although Bungie's next project remains under wraps, a quick look into where the team's AI guru sees the future of his craft."

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