Sony's Big Week: Life With PlayStation, Home Beta, Warhawk

"This week should definitely be called "Sony's Promise Week". Sony has promised us Home Beta by the end of August, but not only that they have also promised us Life With PlayStation also at the end of August. With that being said, Warhawk users also have an update coming out and the new expansion."

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NewSchoolGamer3734d ago

Life with Playstation?

Can't wait for HOme beta!! :)

Fishy Fingers3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Life with Playstation Info and video > It's in Japanese but you get the idea.

HighDefinition3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

That would be flippin sweet to get them all!!!!
Socom BETA and MStorm2 Demo, next week.



jwatt3734d ago

Yea I was waiting for some announcements on Life with P and of course Home but I can't wait for that Warhawk update either.

gamesR4fun3734d ago

They said by the end of 2008 the Open Beta will begin

staub913734d ago

Let Sony's rise to power begin.....(Again)

Things are getting better and better.


I see you trying there man. Gonna try and help you out... Bubbles for you.


You guys are setting yourselves for disappointment... Again!

whoelse3734d ago

Home Beta end of month? When did Sony announce this exactly...

uie4rhig3734d ago

i think this article means the expanded beta..

gaffyh3734d ago

I don;t see Life withe playstation getting released this week, Sony hasn't even mentioned it, and it was meant to come out at the end of last month so it's already delayed by a month :(

antt33734d ago

they mean that the expanded closed beta is promised for the end of the month. Actually, I vaguely remember reading it was supposed to start August 26th, but that might have been one of the hundreds of rumors people have been spreading.

But anyway, they meant the closed beta. The open beta is in fact scheduled for sometime before the end of 2008.

StephanieBBB3734d ago

Sony said that the home open beta was due in fall of 08 not in the end of 08. Life with playstation should have been here in the end of july but the deadline got extended to the end of august.

Anyhow idk when we see the stuff aslong as it keeps it's high Sony standard quality.

solidt123734d ago

I can't wait for the Warhawk Expansion, it's gonna be big for PSN. Jet Packs are gonna breath new life into this game.

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jamenees3734d ago

3 out of 3 week. Beta, LWP, and Warhawk...should make for an interesting week.

peedie163734d ago

well people lets just see how this plays out

Hellsvacancy3734d ago

Is the Home beta an open beta?

Off subject im listenin 2 Mike Oldfield whilst i type this, i havnt listened 2 him 4 years, thought ill share :-D

RememberThe3573734d ago

I see what you did there, clever :)