Message to Parents: Shut up and do your job!

From WiiRincontrol:
If your family, and family gaming is so important to you (as it should be) then act like it in the proper ways, and the rest will follow. Educate yourself about the ratings system if you are going to own a console. Don't buy games that are inappropriate for your kids. Don't let them buy such games with their own money. Don't let them go to friends houses whose values are so different from your own. Entrust your values to your kids so that they never have a desire to play a game that you find offensive in the first place.

Rest assured, if you actually parent, your children will not end up playing a game like Mad World if you don't want them to. Then, we can have games like No More Heroes released as intended, games like Manhunt 2 released without dictatorial absurdities entwined, and leave knuckleheads like Jack Thompson with no contrived audience to spit his venom at. Because lack of parenting being a threat to freedom is the real issue here, not some fictional black and white character getting hacked up by a chainsaw on a system that you like to play Carnival games and Cricketz on.

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BiggDaddy3113765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Stands up and puts pinkies in mouth lets out a giant WHISTLE!! CLAPS Louder!

steveg25643765d ago

I'm going to have to sign up for one of Iran W's parenting workshop. His knowledge of parenting and logic are well beyond his years.

KILL-ALL-CURE3765d ago

Shut up up nintendo fanboy, more people turn crazy because of people like you

TruthbeTold3764d ago

Because of Nintendo fanboys? O.k...

BiggDaddy3113765d ago

There is nothing worse on COD4 or Halo than hearing grown men cussing out kids because they are cussing or rapping horribly or just playing god awful music through there GD headset. M is for mature and I wish parents would not allow these kids to own these games much less play them online with a headset.

Suga Shane3765d ago

What can I say that can follow that?(joins in the clapping that has become a roar) And Biggdaddy I know the feeling with the 8-12 yr old kids using language over live and I have to remind myself that I am an adult and must act like one.....right?

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The story is too old to be commented.