Report: Gold Farming a $500 Million Industry

The BBC reports that gold farming, a practice much despised by some MMO gamers, is a $500 million global business, employing a half-million people.

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TheHater3740d ago

where do I get a job doing this? How much does it pay

Pebz3740d ago

About $145 per month according to the article, altho I've seen articles that suggest much less. All depends on which sweatshop you get into I guess.

TruthbeTold3740d ago

Boss: "What are you doing?!? You're supposed to be gold whoring!"

Sweat shop employee: "I was just trying to gain a few levels. It's fun, and I needed a break..."

Boss: "Listen up everyone! THIS is what happens when you stop gold farming in my sweat shop! Take him away, kill him, and harvest his organs."

sumfood4u3739d ago

Hence fourth Nerds with no lives make a Profit! Dissagee if you like but I've been on MMORPG like Everquest & FFXI PS2 so I know how hard it is to make money an the time it takes to Freaking farm. With a 40+ hour Job i don't have time to farm so I pay for my ingame money or shall i say i used to pay an ya damn straight I don't have any regrets!

Nostradavis3739d ago

I am going to guess that the people buying gold in MMO's look like this...

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dro3739d ago

im sorry but $145 a month is nothing,i live in the uk and that $145 is only about £85 over here. even my phone cost 2times as much as that.

meepmoopmeep3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

looks like i should set up shop somewhere in rural China

hazardman3739d ago

can someone please shed some more info about gold farming..I don't understand..i am not a PC gamer so thats why i don't get what all this gold farm stuff is all about.

TruthbeTold3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago ) farming is when players who have accounts (most often payed for by an employer) for the sole existence of making in game currency for the purpose of selling it to other players for real life currency. (Players are willing to buy fake money because it is annoying and boring to attain in useful amounts.) The vast majority of "farmers" reside in Asia, and even more specifically China, and they make very little money for themselves, while their employers are racking up the cash. Hence my earlier joke about sweatshops in China.

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