x360a's Top 5 Games Convention Titles

x360a writes:

"So the madness has stopped and we are just starting to settle down after a mental week. As I write this we're sat in the hotel bar churning out thousands of words an hour and as a result, we can bring you the first of our Games Convention Top 5's and we start with our highlights. You know, the games that we were really, really impressed with.

The following 5 games are games that we saw at the show that completely knocked our socks off. Of course there are a few missing, like Fallout 3 and Fable 2 but its called a top 5 for one reason, we can only have 5 and we've seen so much of those up until now that we just want the damn final version!

There are seriously too many good games coming out in the next 12 months but we're not complaining. Check out what 5 titles completely blew us away after the jump, in no particular order."

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Rock Bottom3765d ago

WTF, none of them is X360 exclusive?!

Vicophine3765d ago

The 360 has exclusives? O_O

byeGollum3765d ago

this is just funny. LOL

akaFullMetal3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

4 out of 5 multiplatform, unless left 4 dead is going multi besides computer????

MK_Red3765d ago

WTF is Quantom of Solace doing there? Seriously. Where are Mirror's Edge, POP and Fallout 3?

FCOLitsjustagame3764d ago

Wow Farcry 2 is the only one on that list I am even interested in.

Left4Dead is MP only pretty much so I have no interest.

I dont know a lot about Bayonetta but "bullet witch" keeps coming to mind... plus i am not a big NG fan and never played DMC.

Alpha Protocol? I haven't heard much about this either but I have little interest in Bond, Bourne or Bauer.

Quantum of Solace? ROFLMAO, Bond crppy movie tie in game...must look really pretty at the convention room floor but I suspect it will play like garbage.