Video game courses a waste of time, say computer bosses

Britain's multi-million-pound computer games industry has criticised universities for offering gaming degrees that fail to equip students for work.

Some of the country's leading firms complain that many courses lack vital computing, maths or art and animation skills. Their comments will reignite debate that too many universities are offering 'Mickey Mouse' degrees with little job relevance.

The number of computer games degrees on offer in Britain has almost doubled over the past three years to more than 80. But Skillset, the body that represents the 'creative media' industry, has only approved four courses as fully meeting employers' needs.

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cahill3760d ago

what is up with this ALL OF A SUDDEN video game bashing

Boxing can lead to brain damage. why not ban that sport??
same goes to soccer when players Head the ball.
same goes to rugby and cricket where there are chances of injry. why not ban those sports?

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CNIVEK3760d ago

...the HORRIBLY made commercials that some colleges run to promote video game design. I think one is Brown College, or something, but the worst offenders are Collins College and Westwood College Everytime I see them, I want to kill the people involved. Check them out here:

Ozzyb3760d ago

Oh. My. God. I hate those commercials too. "Call now and starting making games of your own, because as a gamer, you know what happens when you stand still!"

Your health recharges? Pure garbage.

People who want to make video games, already know more than any commercial is going to try to sell them about it.

Off topic: I hate prescription drug commercials too :P

Young Puzzle3760d ago

and those commercials are cheesy as hell lol !!!!!!!

sumfood4u3760d ago

you have to open your mind beyond the Rising Sun!

psiom3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

This is nothing new for universities with regards to new areas, and it's certainly not limited to the gaming industry.

mfwahwah3759d ago

This title is misleading! I thought that "computer bosses" were offering video game design jobs to people with who didn't take any courses for it D: