TrustedReviews: R700: ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 Review

ATI has been waiting a long time for this moment. nVidia has been dominating the top-end of the graphics card market for nearly two years now and, although ATI has come back strong with its competitively priced HD 4870 and HD 4850 products, there's nothing quite like being able to claim the top spot.

As you may have guessed from the 'X2' on the end, this card uses the same performance boosting method employed by the HD 3870 X2. Namely, taking two graphics chips, slapping them on the same card and using the wonders of Crossfire to make them work together to increase the card's overall performance. The big difference between this card and a standard dual card Crossfire/SLI solution is the fact that the X2 is platform independent so will work on any motherboard with a x16 PCI-Express slot, whether the chipset the motherboard uses is Intel, AMD, or nVidia.

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CrippleH3736d ago

Looking good, looking real good.

Cripple H approves.

CommonSense3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

I just bought this card and i hope it's as good as i've been hearing. i'm trying to get a system ready in anticipation of farcry 2, and, of course, i'll be checking out crysis as well. and can't forget Fallout 3. another week and i'll have a pretty hefty machine

BulletToothtony3736d ago

there has been a lot of games on my pc i haven't played because my pc is old... but i barely have time as it is with the ps3... i don't know.. i might buy it by early next year for around $90 i hope

z1ck3736d ago

wtf i just got a HD 3870 X2 for 300 euros ... anyway its still a good graphic at least until half 2009 and will run farcry 2 great

centrum2k3736d ago

damn, what kind of review is this? they should use better/newer games for their testing. CSS for benchmark??