Meristation previews Killzone 2. "goes beyond any game in its online facet"

The editor writes:-

"But Killzone 2 goes beyond any game in its online facet. Through its web-page with Avatar own page with all your statistics, etc… - the use of bear clans, organizing tournaments with up to 256 participants, and a ranking with a system that is called Value; with him, a certain bet figure scoring with our enemy, and whoever wins takes the two amounts. Thus, the more skilled positions with speed and scalability to serve strong and weak are not that far from each other, at least at the outset."

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DavidMacDougall3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Whats that Sony and killzone2 your going to do what 2 Microsoft ?

OMFG thats sick !

10YearFlop3736d ago

you want to come over to play with our ps3s?

zo6_lover273736d ago

Will you please shut up.

I'm tired of all these "too human" accounts, and you are getting a little annoying.

And I am a ps3 supporter, I might add

iamruthless243736d ago


SmokingMonkey3736d ago

the speed
the graphics
the physics
the blood
the collision detection
the weapons
dedicated servers
32 player online
bots (or droids as i call them since it's PS3 only)
soldiers look BADASS (no skittle colored marines here)
cloaking sniper camo!!!
DLC already being developed (GTA4 DLC where you at?)
Sony Headset will be available (for people who don't know BT 2.0)
Home support

FREE ONLINE PLAY on the PSN this game will put any other FPS/online or not TO SHAME!!!

ThatCanadianGuy3736d ago

Wow..that makes me just want to go Hug my PS3 :D

n4gzz3736d ago

dedicated server ?? I didn't know that. You made my day - have bubble.

Overr8ed3736d ago

Hell yea, and Resistance 2 coming this Nov as well as Socom and LBP coming this October. PSN may be the new Online HUB.

Close_Second3736d ago

...K2 has the potential to be a huge release for the PS3 next year. I for one will be lining up to play from day one. I do hope they have dedicated servers for Australia/New Zealand otherwise it will resort to becoming a lag fest...just like for Battlefield: Bad Company.

From what I have seen so far the only negative aspect of K2 would have to be the enemy AI. Ok, we have all heard reports that enemy AI was toned down for E3 but I have yet to see anything that makes me go "hell, this is going to be damn near impossible!".

SolidSnake933736d ago

This game will exceed my expectations.

beavis4play3736d ago

if a game doesn't play "hard enough" for you....there is an adjustment option in game menus that allow you to set difficulty on a harder level. i guess you never heard of that.
and it's amazing how you and a few others single out KZ for ai but never talk about this with any other game.

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Dissidia3736d ago

KZ2 Online FTW.

lmao @Smoking Monkey, nice post and true too.

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The story is too old to be commented.