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"For some of us, school has never been fun because all we do is study, study, and study until we get burned out. Also, when we fail a class, we start to worry and don't know what to do after that. For students in the Netherworld Evil Academy, those problems are nothing, and by doing those things, you won't even be an Honor Student! What makes a student in the Netherworld Evil Academy an honor student is doing bad deeds, such as not going to class, pulling pranks on other people, and not obeying teachers! Welcome to the world of Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice.

Exclusively on the Playstation 3, Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice is the third installment of the Disgaea series that will offer fans and newcomers exciting gameplay and an ability to make your characters more powerful that you can imagine. How about getting your characters up to Level 9999 and dealing over a million damage in one turn? Everything is possible in the world of Disgaea 3, but get yourself ready to spend 100+ hours of gameplay in order to achieve it in this highly acclaimed strategy RPG..."

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MisfitSmurf3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

the overall is 8.3, but you have it set as 8.2 O:

Too_Hyped3438d ago

A great JRPG for the PS3 (exclusive too) ! Gfx are average, but tactical depth and humor make up for this...

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