What is the use for Trophy Levels?

That Gaming Site looks into Trophy levels:

This is a question that has fluttered around the web a few times. What is the real use for the trophy level system?

We believe that this will play a large part in Home. If you think about it Trophies was first revealed as a Home addition. Remember them 3D trophies, the ones you could show of in your own trophy room? This brings me to think that the level up system would be linked with Home also. I believe Sony always planned to release 2D trophies from the beginning and not just as to side track us from the real goods.

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I just hope ALL devs in the future implement trophies, because it adds to replayability. If there was an FPS with trophies, and one without, i certainly know which one i would get. Devs just need to realise how appealing trophies are to some gamers, like me, a self admitted trophy whore.

TheHater3765d ago

I am a Trophy Whore also :)

mfwahwah3765d ago

Trophies are going to be mandatory soon. Don't worry about this type of stuff.

Fishy Fingers3765d ago

January. From Jan 09 trophy support will become mandatory like Achievements.

buckethead_X3765d ago

Thank you very much, Mr.Fingers. But you might be wrong, as you got 2 disagrees XD Seriously though, I can't wait for trophies to be mandatory and have a greater purpose.

rogimusprime3765d ago

for achievements or a Gamer Score in general?

Alvadr3765d ago

I really want them to patch GTAIV with trophies.. I love trophies, they seem to be much more tangiable than achievement points :P atm the only games I have are Uncharted and the soon to be patch Warhawk.

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Elven63765d ago

Nice post, it brings up some really good points, in the end it's probably more so up to the developers then the gamers to be honest.

Mr_cheese3765d ago

I think this sounds great. It would definaterly make me work harder for the level ups. Especially if we get rewarded for it.

TheHater3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Wait, wasn't there a Ratchet and Clank outfit for Home Characters at last year E3? So for me, it if you get a certain percentage of trophies for a certain game, you will get an unlockable in HOME. Also you will get something special for your character or HOME space if you get all the trophies for that game.

f7897903765d ago

It would also get you into all the betas because your high level would prove your a hardcore gamer.

mfwahwah3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Eric Lempel mentioned in an issue of PtOM (it was sometime this Summer) that they have plans for high-level PSN rewards. No specifics, but it's nice to know that people who level up will be rewarded for it.

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