LittleBigPlanet Kratos sackboy costume can be shared

Thanks to a poster on NeoGAF, has some details regarding the popular Kratos sackboy costume for LittleBigPlanet. First of all, the card is given to you immediately when you preorder in-store. According the GameStop website, if you preordered online or you arranged for in-store pickup, your code will be e-mailed to you one week before the game ships. The code must also be redeemed by January 8th, 2009.

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I hate this! I will buy this game in store, pay more for it than online, and not get the special code for kratos. Its soooo annoying!

Cwalat3740d ago

am i the only one that was fooled with the thought that you'd be able to make your own characters ???

so why not make your own Kratos ?


True, but it wouldn't look as good as the official one. It could work though...

Mr_Showtime13740d ago

You can't make your own characters, you can only customize them with the items available, which means thiers alot of options, the kratos skin will give you a few extra things.

cahill3739d ago

U get a sackboy Kratos IN REAL LIFE when u preorder the game

Ofcourse u can make a sackboy Kratos in the game

zo6_lover273740d ago

Just called gamestop and found out there going nowhere fast!! Yay, I should be able to get one.

I already preordered it and didn't get the download.

cahill3739d ago

They rather wait to get it on DAY 1 of release

x360 gamers preorder more. However both are heavy purchasers just with different mentality

LBP will sell huge though --no doubt there

Webswinger933740d ago

...anything about this pre-order thing coming to Europe?

MrWonderful3740d ago

if anyone wants to exchange the heavenly swoed code for the kratos code pm me.

slave2Dcontroller3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

which code do you have? I will go out and pre order the opposite today. I think your saying you have the Kratos code but I dont want to assume.

Edit- No Nariko Sackgirl Pre Order Location has been announced yet :(

cahill3739d ago

I think both are cool though