Hideo Kojima: The Kikizo Interview 2008

Kikizo sits down for a rare discussion with the idolized creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, to reflect on MGS4 and find out what happens next for Kojima Productions.

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Johnny Cullen3739d ago

Oh go away!

Anyways, it's his birthday today! =)

Happy birthday.

And I think I speak for us all when most people who have the game hope that MGS4 gets many GOTY awards.

That said, Mr. Kojima, when you go to TGS...


RemmM3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

You're dumb, Kojima does not hate the 360, because MGS4 was specifically ONLY supposed to be on PS3. So it stays there, Thanks to Blu Ray. MGS2 Substance was on X Box, was there any hate there?


Bow down to him xbots, he is god.

TheColbertinator3739d ago

Great interview.Kojima is a deep guy.He is 45 now but hopefully he still makes games for the next few years.It does'nt matter what consoles he works on because whatever game he makes,it will be gold.

So he liked Mirror's Egde? An FPS under the direction of Kojima would be really great.

LarVanian3739d ago

Funny at how he liked Mirrors Edge. The creators of the game did at once make fun of MGS4 in one of their Battlefield trailers.

Johnny Cullen3739d ago

It had to be in good fun, nothing insulting by it tbh.

pwnsause3739d ago

MGS and Mirrors edge has something thats very similar, both games are unique in their own Genre. not only that, both games allow you to finish it without shooting a bullet as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.