WWE's The New Day Get Upset About Final Fantasy 7 (The New Day Interview)

WWE's The New Day are big video game fans. So what happens when you insult one of their favourite games, Final Fantasy 7? Let's find out.

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hayzink985d ago

I love the new day guys and find upupdowndown wood's youtube channel to be a great crossover for gaming and wwe fans.

I think its also great the way they use gaming references in their gimmick on the wwe shows.

miller is also a good choice to interact with them as he is one of whatcultures wwe reporters as well as his video game work.

yeahright2985d ago

That was funny. Though I always thought that each numbered entry was the last fantasy adventure of that world. By that I mean FF4 was Cecil's final great adventure, FF7's was Cloud's and so on. Of course later entries started up with direct sequels so that blew my thought process out of the water, but oh well.