PS3-Backup method revealed

A few days ago a former member of Team ICE released a video showing him playing a backup on his PS3. Today he revealed how he did this.

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SmartPS3Owner3765d ago

That's right, you have a littlebigflop, you could take pills to be larger.

user8586213765d ago

little big flop is what girls called him in bed lmao

WhittO3765d ago

who cares, a bunch of sad people trying to hack the ps3.
Id never hack mine, its too valuable and games will be/are like 50gb lol - point?

jaysquared3765d ago

I would buy a PS3 if I can play backed up games on them. I recently did this to my PSP and love the fact that I can put the game into my memory stick and download games as well.. So if there's a way we can play backed up games from the PS3 hard drive I would be all over it. Then I can just rent games or borrow games from friends and put in my hard drive.

Blooper623764d ago

You are whats wrong with the world today.

xhairs93764d ago

Go ahead and do that man, there's only one problem -- where's all the space? You're going to get a max of like 4 games IF that on your HDD -- that's the problem. Go ahead and rent/burn/pirate whatever you may call it, but in the end you're gonna have to choose to buy it or delete it, so I tell you once more, go ahead.

plain rice3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

This is retarded. Does this guy know you can already install Warhawk on the PS3's hard drive? What he did was clone the exact same hard drive and swapped it before loading the game. Why the hell would you swap the hard drive with another identical/cloned hard drive? It's basically the same as not swapping, therefore it's still legal and not a way to bypass the Hypervisor.

This guy got no where again. Clowns I tell you.

tuaamin133764d ago

If he bothered to look up info about Warhawk, the game fully installs to your harddrive (with the exception of the bonus crap the BD has over the PSN version). However, it does not install a file that lets you start up the game from the XMB, whereas the PSN version includes that file. If you put in your Warhawk disk, it will check the disc, and start up the game. At that point you can now eject Warhawk, stick it in your friends machine, and he can play with your copy of Warhawk. Once he shuts down the game though, he can't start it again without a Warhawk disc.

It's a feature.

The hack, solved in a nutshell, but without any difficulties like cloning or swapping.

actas1233765d ago

Kids should be banned from using the internet, all kids.