Can Sony's Momentum Put 360 in last place in 2009? HipHopGamerShow 8/24/08

* Killzone 2 the best multiplayer experience in the industry
* $199 360 Might destroy PS3 in the United States
* PS3 Eyepet will Nintendo have a answer for this?
* Ratchet: Quest for booty review (Must Buy)
* Net Flix Arrives on PS3
* And So much more

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Mad Aizen3736d ago

was underestimated by a LOT of people just a couple of short years ago.
My, my how times have changed.

CrazzyMan3736d ago

it`s interesting, that with 299$ x360 20GB price during July in NA, PS3 still managed to outsell x360.
time will show, how well will x360 sell after September pricecuts, but as for now, atleast on amazon new PS3 80GB model is doing much better, then 60GB x360 model.
Probably people are waiting for 60GB model at 299$, but if not...
first box sold 24 mln., maybe now x360 is running out of fans?

very soon we will know pretty sure.. it will be interesting indeed.)

MikeGdaGod3736d ago

Circuit City FINALLY sent me a $646 gift card to replace my ps3. so i bought the MGS4 bundle online from them for $544 and i got a $100 to blow on whatever. it'll be here Thursday.

i'll also be getting a 360 in the next few weeks but i'll only be buying 360 exclusives for it since i like the DS3 better.

littletad3736d ago

It's got momentum... now. And all it needs is deliverance.

Bubble Buddy3735d ago

Sony's always underestimated.

DG3735d ago

I thought they were supposed to do that this year now its 2009. Good luck Sony not being sarcastic or a troll.

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As a ps3 fan, i and many other gamer will say that the ps3 undoubtebly has the best line up from now on, but is there enough momentum and sales to overtake the 360? Honestly? I don't know, but the gap will have certainly closed to a couple of million consoles to be sold at the most. 2009 to me seems a bit too short, but it WILL happen.

ScratchMarks3736d ago

"2009 to me seems a bit too short"

The only possible way you could say that is if you are off in vgchartz made up sales numbers fantasyland.

The PS3 is already just 4.5 million behind the 360 in worldwide installed base. The PS3 has long ago kicked the 360 to last place in two of the three major console markets, Europe and Japan.

The 360 only shipped 1 million Q1 and 1.3 million Q2 new consoles for the first six months of 2008.

The PS3 is going through the same huge year over year sales growth that the PS1 and PS2 went through on their way to 100+ million consoles sold worldwide.

The 360 is selling at virtually the same rate as the first Xbox.

The 360 will be in last place in worldwide installed base in early 2009. No amount of fake sales numbers on vgchartz can stop that.

Bubble Buddy3735d ago

What happened to the articles of Sony flopping on PS3? Funny how they change sides quickly.

Omega43736d ago

Last place in 2009 thats impossible, unless the PS3 outsells the 360 by 500,000 every month from now AND the 360 stops selling all together.

"Killzone 2 the best multiplayer experience in the industry" I wont even comment on that craziness lol!!

Also MS said that Netflix deal was exclusive at E3 so why would they lie??

WhittO3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

its not impossible - since 360 demand going lower and lower - as is the price ? while ps3 demand is going higher and higher with no price cuts and is still more expensive by like £100. Imagine if prices of the consoles were identical - who would outsell then !

Omega43736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Considering the PS2 install base and Bluray winning the format war shouldnt the PS3 be doing a lot better, like seriously better.

Its only outselling the 360 by a small margin which wont see it pass the 360 by 2011 at the earliest.

The PS3 is a bluray player, bluray players cost more than the PS3 so why would it need to reduce the price, the 360 along with the Wii are game consoles hence the reason they're cheaper

But considering the orignal Xbox had a 25ml install base and the Gamecube a 20ml you got to thing who is really failing here......?

TheColbertinator3736d ago

Good point Omega.But I reserve my judgement until after we see how the 360 and PS3 do at the end of this year.Then of course there is Nintendo.They only have Animal Crossing with them and if they beat both the 360 and PS3,I am gonna feel pretty sad.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

yes a small margin in America but i guess you forgot about rest of the world... PS3 outsold 360 by 1 million last year with 360 outselling PS3 in America. now PS3 is leading in America, expect PS3 to outsell 360 by 2-3 million for 2008 since PS3 sales doubled this year... after 2008 the lead will be less than 3 million(last reported lead was 5 million beginning of this year)

ScratchMarks3736d ago

"Its only outselling the 360 by a small margin"


whoelse3736d ago

If the gapped stayed the same then the PS3 can't overtake the 360 in 2009 but it won't because once xmas comes, thats when the PS3 can take a chunk out of that gap into 09.

egm_hiphopgamer3735d ago

Netflix on PS3 i showed you that and yes 360 have a deal with them but ps3 is built like a computer a la the fact you can run linux on it and it's a open platform so yes there's alot you can do with ps3 as opposed to xbox360 which has more of a closed platform that's not so user friendly.
and killzone 2 name 1 game where you can go into multiplayer playing team death match and at the end of the match it switches to free for all right on the fly then switches to capture the flag i mean all in the same multiplayer game you started without having to leave the game at all that's incredible me and you could be on teams and then the next second your my enemy oh my god that is breaking new ground in the industry man

Bubble Buddy3735d ago

When everyone who wants a Wii buys a Wii, expect sales to drop drastically.

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Reshun3736d ago

Was it like this back in 2000 and so on with PS2 and XBOX? The blue team and yellow team kind of stuff..

silverchode3736d ago

the 360 is around the same price as the wii but i dont think itll start selling like the wii so the ps3 has a good chance in closing the gap.