Warner Music Group Getting Greedy, or What It Deserves?

In Warner Music Group's (WMG) Quarter 3 earnings call, Edgar Bronfman, chief of WMG, made it clear that he thinks games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band are great opportunities and are going to be a major player in the music industry. Wow, that sounds great! Does that mean WMG will support them even more? Not quite. WMG wants mo' money and says they won't license those games anymore if they don't get paid.

WMG is in much the same position as they were with iTunes. They wanted more money from Apple because iTunes is based off their music. The same is true for games like Guitar Hero. If there were no music, then there would be no Guitar Hero.

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bluecapone3740d ago

really cant blame record companies for wanting more money

kornbeaner3740d ago

I guess this just leaves more room for Universal, Epic, Virgin, Roadrunner, Sony and countless other music companies to pimp their band through these games. Oh NO!!! what will we do without warner????

Don't pay them jack and when their groups suffer because of it, they'll have no one to blame but themselves.