Amazon's Gold Box goes all PS3 August 27

It's hard to resist a good deal. When we heard that Amazon's Gold Box of cheapness was going to get an all out PS3-themed discount bazaar, we thought we just had to share it with everyone. The bargains begin on August 27; however, like all Gold Box events, the discounted items will remain a mystery until that day and upon the hour for those "lightning deals." We can't wait to see what's in store come this Wednesday!

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arakouftaian3739d ago

maybe for uncharted or warhawk, does anybody know what kind of deas they ofer on this special gold box thing??? (in the past...)

TOSgamer3739d ago

It usually end up being 5% to 10% off stuff. Good but not great.

blackbeld3739d ago

360 days are over..... died..... PS3 is killing the 360 like splashing a small bug

fufotrufo3739d ago

say whatever makes you sleep tight @ night :)

ThatCanadianGuy3738d ago

Poor fufo :(

He's so used to denying facts that he's become insane..

silverchode3738d ago

rrod causes brain damage.

3739d ago
Young Puzzle3739d ago

its prolly going to be 10 percent at most

ThatArtGuy3739d ago

Sometimes they have 50% off deals.

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The story is too old to be commented.