Gaming Console Network: "The Last Guy" Demo Impressions

Gaming Console Network's Sean Foster gives his first impressions on the "The Last Guy" Demo from the PSN Store. Save the world from the undead as your character travels around various cites from around the world, looking for survivors as the the undead walk the streets.

The Last Guy releases on the US PSN Store August 28, 2008.

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Lanontscuz3530d ago

its a pretty fun demo i hope theres alot of maps for it...

aiphanes3530d ago

Yeah, i liked the demo was cool...$10 is a easy purchase...

ryanpmulvey3530d ago

As basic as it seems, its still hilarious.

macalatus3530d ago

My first impression was like "simple graphics=meh". However, after playing the demo of this game with "simple graphics", I must say that it's actually good...and addictive!!

RememberThe3573530d ago

but damn it's like PixelJunk Eden; so simple, I can't put it down.

Dipso3529d ago

Thank god you said "addictive"..if I have to read "addicting" one more time I'm going to have a brain haemorrhage.

TOSgamer3530d ago

The game definitely has a quirky unique appeal.

TheExecutive3530d ago

this is a great game. They just keep coming and coming for the PSN. Gotta love it.