6 Things That Would Of Made Too Human A Great Game

Addict Gaming Writes "A Manual Camera System (Similar To The Force Unleashed's)

The one thing that really gets on my nerves in Too Human is the awful, random camera system that does deliver on a cinematic appearance, but adds pointless difficulty into the game just because you can't see your enemy. If they removed the awkward analogue stick sword control and just but a bog standard camera system into the game, we would of had a much more enjoyable game."


Update: This was compiled by our community, all grammatical mistakes have been corrected on the article itself.

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10YearFlop3684d ago

1)Cell Processor
2)RSX Graphics Chip
3)Blu Ray Disc Format
4)Dualshock 3 and SixAxis Compatibility
5)PSN Downloadable Content
6)Hideo Kojima Assistance

Danja3684d ago

everything you've listed , is what the 360 needs for it to be a great console.

Tobias1233684d ago

Agreed. There is a huge amount of potential in this game for the sequel to be mind blowing.

NewSchoolGamer3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

see if Denis is one of those devs that can bounce back from making a bad game and make the sequel better. Although with the Too Human not being much of a sucess to say the least Denis should not be so excited to start the sequel now.

espoac3684d ago

Anyways after having MS' financial resources and so much development time it's fairly clear to me that SK are not good developers. They're only good developers when they're partnered with Nintendo. If Nintendo had published Too Human it would've been good. Not that I really like Nintendo, I'm a Sony guy, but Nintendo just has a special way of dealing with its second parties.

TheColbertinator3684d ago

Yeah your probably right.In fact Factor 5 is rumored to be making the Kid Icarus Wii game.That must mean Nintendo still trusts Factor 5 even after the incident with Lair.

The Lazy One3684d ago

Yes @ would've DUMB

[email protected] rest. Nintendo wouldn't have solved any of the problems with the unreal engine, which is probably the biggest thing that held back the game from a development and bug standpoint.

@ article... The death sequence can stay long, it just has to be skipable. If the enemies attacked ur teammates more, it would be a LOT harder to string any good combos.

plain rice3684d ago

It took SK 10 years to come up with a good game but failed. This could be the biggest flop yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.